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  • Herbal Chocolate Tonic

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    Tonic herbal elixirs are alchemical celebrations which may have very revitalizing effects on the human mechanism, and will usually enhance the constitutes of the herbs and their therapeutic inputs. Of all types of elixirs, one of our personal favorites is in the form of a Herbal Chocolate Tonic.

    For this, the main ingredient — other than your select favorite tonic herbs — is Cacao; the OG chocolate and one of the most nutrient dense, power-packed foods on the planet…

    Cacao is a powerful heart-opening & love-inducing superfood that has been considered a Divine Food of the Gods since ancient times. So much so, that even at one point in history it was so revered by the Aztecs and Mayans, it was actually used as currency in Mesoamerica. It’s pretty incredible to contemplate this, when we have such easy access to it in this day and age.

    Cacao is said to be the highest source of Magnesium and Chromium out of any other food on the planet. Rich with antioxidants, flavanoids, calcium and iron. It is a powerful heart-centering cardio stimulant that contains phenethylamine (PEA) which stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable opium-like compounds. Reason being why it’s commonly referred to as the “love molecule.” Cacao also hosts unique amino acids such as tryptophan; a precursor to serotonin and anandamide; an aphrodisiac & bliss activating amino acid.

    This is why Cacao is ceremonially used around the world to perfectly complement almost any moment.

    Besides it’s illustrious mythology, what really makes Cacao so remarkable, is that it’s known as being one of the best “carriers” or “delivery vehicles” for any other herbs or substances that you may like to potentiate (or get the most out of, so to speak.) This is because it contains the alkaloid Theobromine; a vasodilator that opens up the capillaries throughout one’s body enabling any other substance that you take along with it to be driven much deeper into the cells.

    This enables you to create some absolutely delicious and comforting, yet exceptionally potent elixirs with Tonic Treasures herbs!

    Our Favorite Basic Herbal Chocolate recipe:

      • 1 oz Heirloom Cacao nibs
      • 1 Tbs Coconut Oil
      • 15 drops Stone Blood Shilajit
      • 1 Tbs Reishi
      • 1/2 Vanilla bean or Vanilla extract
      • 1 Tsp Select Tonic Herbs or Three Treasures formula
      • 1 Tbs Honey 
      • 1 Tbs Royal Jelly
      • 1 Tbs Bee Pollen
      • Pinch Sea Salt
    • 1 cup Hot Water
    • ( Blueberries, Blackberries, Goldenberries, or Dried Apricots optional)

    Enter Into Herbalistic Harmony.

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