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  • The Three Treasures

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    Elizabeth Aantrobus

    Many years ago, the teachings of an ancient health philosophy became a focal point in my life. I now recognize these teachings as a key component to the understandings of all life, and they have only anchored in further, by becoming the foundation for experiencing tenacious self growth.  Over time, this knowledge has developed into what is now an ever-expanding apothecary steeped in enthusiasm and comprising some of the most beneficial herbs on the planet. 

    At the core of these teachings there are three energies that represent the three primary components to life; The Three Treasures: Jing (essence) Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit). These treasures are considered to be what embodies ones health, happiness, evolution, and life purpose. They are meant to be nourished, and not wasted. To cultivate and protect these Three Treasures is the fundamental role of our living existence.

    The first treasure is known as Jing, and is simply the energy that is fundamental to all life. It is regenerative essence, what defines the body’s physical mass, and is connected to our genetics. Jing is our life-force reserve that we attribute from birth and was passed down from our parents & grandparents. Jing has a direct correlation to having a healthy immune system and healing power.  It is also the long term energy, endurance, and constitution of resilience that one has in their life. Anyone that spends most of their life on the extreme opposite end of what is considered healthy, yet seems to be very vital still, was born with abundant Jing. This Jing energy embodies robust health, long-term vitality, youthfulness — happiness, beauty, attractiveness, and grace. Jing energy is sexual energy…and it is our ability to reproduce and our children’s reproductive potential. It brings brawniness to the man and bestows beauty upon the woman. Jing energy relates to proper neurotransmitter production and to having well balanced hormones. Plentiful Jing equals confidence. It also supports mental energy, enthusiasm, and is one of the direct driving forces behind someone having strong willpower.

    Many children are born Jing deficient, which is evident when their childhood is riddled with weaknesses or frequent sickness. Our Jing energy is depleted by simply living itself, but enervation, stress, and excessive loss of seminal fluids will rapidly deplete, or leak Jing even more. The kidneys are said to house Jing energy and so this is the system that we want to nourish the most.

    Some of the primary herbs for revitalization of Jing are: He Shou Wu (prepared ), Rehmannia (prepared ), Reishi, Eucommia, Goji, Cordyceps, Cistanche, Morinda, Schizandra and Dendrobium. THE WAY is a considered a premier longevity formula that deeply nourishes Jing energy, by building Jing reserves and prevent Jing loss.

    All Black foods are said to build Jing, with some of the best being: Black Bean, Black Sesame, Blackberries, Black Grapes, Seaweed, Black Rice. This is part of the reason why herbs such as (prepared) He Shou Wu & Rehmannia are so amazing, as they are “prepared” in a secret black bean sauce. Some other highly beneficial foods for building Jing levels are: Royal Jelly, Eggs, Coconut Water, Nuts & seeds, Bee Pollen, and Pine Pollen. 

    By incorporating Jing herbs and foods into your life, and living a peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle you can receive rejuvenation, maintain vitality, and lay the foundation of longevity for yourself and future generations.

    The second treasure is known as Qi (chi), and is the flame of metabolism and evolution. Qi is essentially the energy of life. It is animation, action and force. Qi protects, warms, holds, transforms and transports. Qi energy is also our ability to adapt. This is why most all Qi tonics are potent adaptogens. Athletics and martial arts are forms of Qi in movement. The energy we receive from eating and breathing is Qi, which emerges as our day to day vitality — or ATP. Qi flowing freely allows you to feel light and in love with life. A person with strong Qi is most likely very energetic, agile, and almost seems like they’re floating. Qi tonics nourish and fortify the body, immune system, and develop solid muscular strength. There are different forms of Qi know as; Upright Qi and Protective Qi. Both serve a profound purpose in maintaining vital health. When Qi flows freely we are vital and evolve.

    Some of the best Qi tonics are Astragalus, Codonopsis, Ginseng, Eleuthero, Rhodiola, Gynostemma, Cordyceps, and all of the various Medicinal Mushrooms. Our FLOW formula is a excellent choice for enhancing the digestion, maintaining upright Qi / posture, building protective Qi / fortifying immune function, and providing balanced energy, 

    Raw living foods contain the most Qi, therefore a balanced diet high in biogenic living food will provide the most benefit. Fruit is the highest energetic food on the planet, especially the berries, thus fresh ripe seasonal fruit will offer the most Qi. However, it is important to regulate the cooling factor of a primarily raw food diet; finding a suitable balance between specific foods Yin & Yang nature, and utilizing warming spices and spleen Qi herbs. 

    Qi tonics & adaptogens are some of the best — providing abundant energy, strong resilience, and helping us cope with stress. Just remember they’re only one piece to the puzzle, and we fully benefit once we participate in nourishing all Three Treasures.

    The third and final treasure is called Shen, and it is commonly referred to as simply spirit. It is said to be the energy behind consciousness and awareness. Shen relates to the intellect and faculties of the higher mind. When the seat of the soul is anchored, it is seen that Shen manifests as kindness, generosity, and a profoundly loving disposition. Shen is equanimity. A tranquil mind and stable spirit are pure Shen energy. It projects as ravishing radiance, vivacity and celebratory aliveness. Shen lives in our hearts, and is also said to be nourished by the blood — hence purity of the thoughts and of the body must be kept. Shen is also the energy of integrity and abundance. Shen creates leaders! It is the perspective of optimism and long-term positivity. Shen is virtue. It is the lessons we learn in life, the compassion we have and our capacity of forgiveness. 

    The energy of Shen is dependent on both prenatal & postnatal Jing. When Jing and Qi are abundant, only then Shen will be nourished. Shen disturbances run rampant throughout the world, and are frequently seen as patterns of stress, anxiety, or agitation. On a more subtle level Shen disturbances can lock individuals in the mind; dictated purely by emotional states, and perpetually drowning in their own “story” of suffering. This can then result in maniacal, ignorant or foolish behavior. 

    Calm the Shen. Some the best tonics to nourish and stabilize Shen are: Reishi, Polygala, Red Asparagus, Schizandra, Albizzia, Spirit Poria, Longan, Lions Mane, Jujube and Pearl.

    The type of foods that nourish Shen would be all the fruits & berries, all superfoods, and foods in the color spectrum of blues, greens and purple — but we actually must  deeply cleanse in order to truly illuminate this energy. The liver, heart and blood must be kept purified in order to fully radiate Shen. Fast until peace is attained. For your mind is a temple and the body a church. Seek serenity. 

    Meditation, yoga/taichi/chigong, gardening, forest walking, beach grounding, sun gazing and fire gazing are all potent Shen nourishing activities. Shen is suchness.


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