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  • Master Herbalist: Li Ching-Yuen

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    The most current longest living record belongs to a master herbalist named Li Ching-Yuen. The May 6th, 1933 issue of Time magazine ran an article about his life. A story that read; Tortus, pigeon, Dog; Traveling Chinese herbalist reported to have buried 23 wives, had 180 Descendants, and had died at the age of 256 years of age.

    This amazing story was not just popular in China, but made its way all the way to the US.

    Li learned the secrets of longevity from a 500-year-old hermit in the Tibetan mountains in 1776. He told Li to consume a daily soup containing Lycium barbarum aka goji berry and incorporate Ginseng, Lingzhi, Fo Ti Tieng aka He Shou Wu, Astragalus root and Gotu kola as part of his daily diet program.

    Li was known to have consumed a single soup per day with every ingredient told to him. Even when he consumed rice wine, it was infused with those herbs. By the time he was ten years old he had traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria gathering herbs with his father who was a traveling herbalist.

    Most of the information gathered about Mr. Li was from a general. Chinese Warlord Wu Peifu (吳佩孚) who was fascinated by him. He bright Li into his home in an attempt to discover the secret of living long and took detailed notes on his lifestyle, diet, exercise and thoughts. He noted that Li told him a secret to long life is to sit like a tortoise, walk spry like a pigeon and sleep like a dog. Remove all stress from life and consume medicinal herbs continuously.   

    According to a 1930 New York Times article, Wu discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li on his 150th birthday, Li also lectured at the Beijing University at the age of 150, and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877. In 1928, a New York Times correspondent wrote that many of the old men in Li’s neighborhood asserted that their grandfathers knew him when they were boys, and that he at that time was a grown man.

     Li Ching-Yuen 250 Years old
          In 1927, the National Revolutionary Army General Yang Sen (揚森) invited him to his residence in Wan Xian, Sichuan, where the picture above was taken.

    After his death, the aforementioned Yang Sen wrote a report about him, A Factual Account of the 250 Year-Old Good-Luck Man, in which he described Li’s appearance: “He has good eyesight and a brisk stride; Li stands seven feet tall, has very long fingernails, and a ruddy complexion.” Li had no hair left anywhere left on his body, face or head. It was noted that it just stopped growing after age 170. He still had his teeth and walked everywhere he needed to go. He needed no assistance in anything he required. Li was a practitioner of Qigong and traditional Confucian teaching, which dictates that one must venerate one’s body, including body parts like hair and nails, because it was all given to us by our parents. Because he had no hair to grow, he instead decided to grow his fingernails.

    Wu Chung-chieh, a professor of the Chengdu University found records proving that li was born in 1677. Li truly was an exception. But it goes to show a lifelong practice of herbalism has not just a minute effect on one’s health and longevity but an astounding life altering effect with the potential to change one’s expiration date..
    The Coroner report said that Li died from natural causes on 6 May 1933 in Kai Xian, Sichuan, Republic of China and was survived by his 24th wife, a woman of 60 years. I would like to point out that Li had just been traveling and not consuming his normal diet, which I believe may have lead to his demise.

    The Article Titled; LIVING FOREVER can be found at this link  


    I have extracted it and posted it for you all here;

    Li produced somewhere around 180/200 descendants, over 11 generations during his life span. The October 1929 Newspaper Article talks about Mr Li and accounts him also as living to 256 years of age.

    Some have come close to Li, but few with the vital health and history.

    Extreme longevity accounts can be found if you look hard enough;


    Peter Czartan born 1539 died 1724 age 184 in Hungary

    Trailanga [1] M 1607 1887 280 years died in INDIA

    Thomas Cam born 1381 died 1588 Age 207 UK

    Mama Efisho [3] F 1824/1825 Living 192/193 years+ NGA

    UK Flag

    S. Kentigern [4] M 417/418 13 Jan 603 185 years SCO, UK

    Petracz Czartan [5] M 1536-1539 1724 185/187 years HUN

    IND Flag

    Mahashta Murasi [6] M 6 Jan 1835 Living 182 years, 351 days IND

    UK Flag

    Elizabeth Yorath [7] F 1490/91 1668 177 years  ENG, UK

    Baba Harainsingh [8] M 1775/76 fl.1952 fl.176 years 4 IND

    Louisa Truxo [9] F 1610 1785 175 years ARG

    Janos Rowin [10] M 1554/1555 after 1727 172 years+ HUN

    Peter Torton born 1539 died 1724 age 185 UK

    Louisa Truxo born 1844 Currently living 174 years old.

    Shirali Muslimov born 1805 died 1973 age 168 in Azerbaijan

    Javier Pereira Born 1789 died 1955 age 165 in Colombia

    Chesten Marchant born 1511 died 1676 age 164 in UK

    Tonic Treasures invites you add your name to this list of humans that have changed our perception on human lifespan…

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