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    For thousands of years throughout history, many sages and spiritual wanderers have been on a quest towards Immortality, to transcend the ordinary distinctions of this world and reach ethereal levels of existence. These unique individuals desired to live in harmony with all of nature and effortlessly embraced the unobstructed flow of life. As a core concept to this way of life, there was a fundamental focus on “nourishing the vital force” with Superior Tonics & Herbal Elixirs — to help blossom, preserve and increase the primordial essence. Through the perpetual practice of this internal alchemy, they found brilliant radiance developed, yin & yang harmonized, and spiritual enlightenment was attained. Some even say that these wizened sages discovered supernatural powers, and can still be seen riding on celestial clouds and flying amidst the mountains in sequestered parts of rural China. For as legend has it: by following these ancient lifestyle techniques of longevity, the Immortal may attain everlasting life, living in this world for up to a 1,000 years if he so chooses, and once satiated with life, “ascends to heaven in broad daylight.”







    Tonic herbs are known to be immensely transformative when taken regularly or throughout ones complete lifespan. Offering cumulative and sustained effects that may help reinforce vitality, increase immunological intelligence, and enhance energetic enlightenment. Most of our herbs have adaptogenic qualities, and may assist the body to adapt to any outside stressors and influence dual-directional actions that may attribute to balancing all of the body’s vital systems. This may provide stress relief and induces calm & focus, even as one builds energy, restores strength, and enhances stamina to heightened  levels. So as herbalists in a love affair with these sacred elements, we sought out to provide some of the absolute finest tonic herbal extracts and herbal products available. As a quintessential gift for all to have access to well crafted and holistically nourishing tonic herbs. All of our products are either certified organic or organically grown, and are laboratory tested multiple times to ensure purity and integrity. They come from several very valued and unique sources where sophisticated cultivation and extraction methods are implemented, resulting in the ultimate expression of what these herbal materials have to offer, and unveiling some of the most premier connoisseur grade herbal products available.

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    Tonic Treasures is an apothecary for connoisseur grade adaptogenic herbs & life enhancing essences. We aim to influence a reflection of holistic harmony and inspire explorations into longevity through a system of superior herbalism at its finest. We are part of an ancient linage of a Classical Chinese tonic herbal approach that originates from an 5000 year old tradition known as The Gate Of Life. As alchemical architects & internal interior decorators we construct vital health and aesthetically furnish the physical form with everything we do. Embracing the natural flow of life and all it’s aspects is our blank canvas from where creativity arises. So, we are beyond elated to share our wisdom of this ancient tradition and our passion for these truly special Earth materials that have entirely entranced our hearts; for they hold the potential that may increase the quality of your life in ways that you never could have imagined. Our ultimate mission is to send out ripples of reinvigorated wellness into the world and contribute to increasing the level of long happy lives to bless this planet.

    Loving You.

    • These herbs may enable one to FLY; gliding along gracefully in carismatic calligraphy. May bring about enchanting beauty to the woman, and to the man a brawny masculinity. Now walking with
      a light foot, yet a thunderous step, you may find yourself
      head in the HEAVENS, but your feet on the
      ground, immersed in divinity.

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