Connecting With the Elements

When we develop a sense of presence over productivity and connect with nature, while in nature, the daily stresses start to evaporate away. Our bodies soften, and become more receptive for the healing energies that surround us.

Our innate intelligence connects with nature’s intelligence.

It must be that we are part of nature...our bodies the soil our blood the cold rivers that it benefits our wellbeing in so many ways.

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Every part of our physical being is connected with an element found in the physical nature — The Tonic Treasures Ethos is to live in harmony with nature and therefore to take some time to retreat and reconnect with the elements daily — Here are some examples of connecting to the Fire, Earth, Water and Air elements:

Solar gazing or Sun gazing

is the practice of looking at the first rays of the early Sun, by viewing the Sunset, or both. This is not only a great way to sync our circadian rhythm with the Sun, but also to energize our being and Shen or spirit. When the Sun's rays enter the eyes, they will charge the blood that passes through the retina, charging the upper spheres of the body and revitalize the fire element.When is it safe to Sun gaze you might wonder? By simply stretching your arm you can calculate the safe window to sun gaze. Stretch your arm and let your pinky hit the horizon. The four fingers above the horizon indicate the safe last hour of sun gazing. By starting slow and gazing around the sunlight you set yourself up in a safe way to adapt your eyes for solar gazing.

Grounding or Earthing

is simply the practice of walking barefoot on the ground in nature. However did you know that a semi wet surface is best for your grounding practice? The moist will initiate better conduction and therefore you will be receiving more

glorious electrons from mother earth! Grounding is a proven method to decrease inflammation, increase heart rate variability, increase mode and besides that making your feet strong and functional. Grounding also effects our digestive force and the way we absorb food, liquid and herbs.

Bathing in the Waters

like the Sea is a great means to mineralize and destress the Kidney system. Other sacred waters are found in nature’s Rivers and Lakes that hold the healing forces to enliven and restore. They mimic the primordial womb where we can retreat in when necessary. Waters are most likely to be cold and bathing in cold waters is preferably done gradual, to not shock yourself too much. Deep breathing is a great practice to do before a polar plunge.

Breathing in the Forest Air

for nothing beats the fresh air of a forest. The air we breath is not only oxygen. The ancients knew that the air contains vital Qi or energy, a much refined substance that can be integrated and cultivated when we do breath work, deep breathing or pranayama. The benefits of deep breathing is that it enkindles our respiration on a cellular level. When breath work is done early in the day, one can rest assure that energy will be abundant. Breath work is also a great way to increase metabolism and fat loss.

We wish you a great time in nature and we hope you learned something new from this.