Think of Yin and Yang as just a way of comparing things. But how can you tell which is which? We can figure it out by understanding the nature of yin and the nature of yang. The literal translation of “yin” is “the shady side of a mountain,” while yang is translated as “the sunny side of the mountain.” So by definition Yin and Yang are opposites.

Some other examples of things that are considered yang include heat, summer, movement, activity, and masculinity. 

Their opposites (cold, winter, rest, sleep, nourishing, femininity) are considered yin.

Yin and Yang are always interdependent. This relationship is also sometimes described as “rooted in each other.” — We can see this relationship easily with the pair “awake, sleep” or “work, rest”. If we are running we will eventually get tired and need to rest, so that we have the energy to start running again. The yang activity is dependent on the yin activity. More rest means more run, more run means more rest needed. Similarly, we see that yin is dependent on yang: if we aren’t already moving, we can’t stop and rest.

The ultimate goal is to have the Yin and Yang of your body in a proper dynamic balance.

If a person has a normal amount of yang, but too much yin, we would call it an “excess” or “repletion” of yin.

If someone has a normal amount of yin, but too much yang, this is called an “excess” or “repletion” of yang.

So, what does this actually mean in terms of a human body?

When we talk about the balance of yin and yang in the body, we are really talking about the balance between matter and energy. So internally we are talking about metabolism and the body’s maintenance of homeostasis.

Most herbal tonics force balance. The body is either in balance or out of balance, out of balance moves towards dis-ease, where in balance is that of ease. 

Tonic Herbs work by what is called an adaptogenic effect. Adaptogens are an elite class of herbs that can assist the body to adapt to any outside stressors and influence dual-directional actions that attribute to balancing all of the body’s vital systems. These actions may support strength, boost energy, and support mental clarity.

Most all of the Tonics we primarily work with have adaptogenic qualities and support balance. One of the most significant attributes is in balancing the immune system and hormones. 

While some herbs can supplement Yin, others raise Yang, and there is a time and place for each, the ultimate goal is to find an appropriate balance between the two. This is where formulations come into the picture. As most Tonics Herbs work synergistically together and enhance the effects of one another when combined in an appropriate formula. A comprehensive formula also helps to optimize all natural body functions and structures, and is the ultimate way to establish Yin and Yang energies in a proper dynamic balance.

Mushrooms are unique in that they all seem to be neither Yin or Yang exclusively. They may be more Jing, Qi or Shen leaning, but most tonic mushrooms are Yin and Yang balancing. Though some may boost energy, while others are calming, and some are neutral, there is something for everyone. 

The collections in our shop are some of the best adaptogenic herbs for supporting balance and promoting heightened human potential. Adaptogenic herbs are pivotal for anyone who lives a high performance lifestyle. We invite you to experience for yourself.