Liver Season — No More Stagnation

In Chinese medicine, things are based on the balance between yin and yang, living in harmony with nature, the seasons and with oneself.

It is a healing art that came from the observations of the macrocosm and the microcosm which connected the dots between the external elements and the internal organ systems. Gaining this deeper understanding of nature’s dynamic, one can apply this knowledge not only to obtain great health but also progress in your life’s mission.

This classification of elements and understanding this elemental theory is at the base of Tonic Treasure's philosophy.

It is this very philosophy of harmony that we formulate in our herbal blends to assist you on your health journey. 

Any endeavor starts by taking action and as Lao Tzu ones said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — this applies to the very season we are in, Springtime. This is the season where the dormant energy awakens and is directed towards growth and expansion.

"When we live in balance with the seasons, we have the energy and perspective to act on whatever we set out to do."

However this doesn’t flow smoothly for everyone. Where there is resistance in the outer world, there is restriction in the inner world. Everything reflects each other.

This could be the very reason why someone has a difficult time with expansion, growth and progress — these qualities are thrown out of balance because of the season we are in which is connected to the wood element, the Liver-Gallbladder system and Springtime.

So let us go deeper into this topic of the wood element, the Liver organ system and why it is so important to nourish and move this energy.

The Liver is often called the general in Chinese medicine, as this organ has the main job to transport Qi and Blood, distributing those to different parts of the body where needed. This is why it is so important to keep the Liver energy moving and at the same time preventing stagnation or as we know it: Liver Qi stagnation, a common trait of the western world.

The primary roles of the Liver:

  • Ensures flow of Blood and Qi
  • Stores Blood, Qi and Bile
  • Ensures the health of tendons, nails and eyes
  • Plays a role in digestion
  • Decision making and action taking

Imbalances of the Liver energy reflects in:

  • Easily irritated and angry
  • Narrow focus, trouble to see with perspective
  • Headaches, red or yellow eyes
  • Tension in the muscles and tendons
  • Shallow sleep, vivid dreams & waking up

"The Liver is perhaps the most vital organ as it is responsible for so many functions and systems such as the hormonal system, reproductive system, digestive system and even the immune system."

Immunity is perhaps overlooked when it comes to liver health, however you know or you don’t but the immune system is known to produce interferon, a potent viral killer as it interferes with viral replication, hence its name. This means that it is vital to have a health strategy for the Liver organ system, and your Liver is all about strategy so let us have a look what the solutions are...

Health Strategies

The Eastern view on things comes with a holistic approach. First of all listen to your innate intelligence and observe what is going on inside your being. Ask yourself if all needs are fulfilled and address the basics first: sleep, hydration, sun, relationships and movement. To bring your wood element in balance you can apply following holistic solutions listed below.

Holistic Solutions

  • Find a balance between tension and relaxation through movements. Martial arts are a great way to transmute stagnated energy and emotions back into a vital flow. Don’t get this wrong, martial arts can be very furious but these have also a Yin side which is expressed in stretching, myofascial releases and breath work. The point is to relax the tensed muscles and to move the stagnated energy through explosively.
  • Emotions like anger, irritation and frustration belong to the Liver organ system. Using aggression or frustration as motivator is a more efficient way than screaming or expressing it in destructive behavior.
  • Create a purpose, this could be an adventure, a business startup or learning a new skill and by taking action on that purpose you direct your energy into that growth but remember thatNourishment + Herbalism

 Fat intake is often overlooked and demonized when it comes to Liver health. Healthy fats are needed to promote BILE FLOW, meaning that a diet low in fat will trigger small amounts of bile whereas a diet moderate in fat will liberate more bile hence better absorption of nutrients while preventing bile stagnation and thus the risk of gall stones. Healthy sources of fats are found in avocados, coconut oil, egg yolks, grass fed dairy and organs.

  • Bitter is better for your liver. Bitter and sour foods stimulate the Liver to purge the toxins while promoting both flow of bile and Qi. Springtime is therefore the perfect season to consume more bitter plants and herbs together with sour tasting fruits and fermented foods. Bitter and sour foods are dandelion greens, sauerkraut, lemons, grapefruit, celery juice

  • Take more Reishi, Goji + Schizandra, for they not only help to support the liver, but protect it from damage like no other. They are well known herbs that can up-regulate glutathione and SOD levels within the liver. Glutathione and SOD are key antioxidant enzyme that neutralize free radicals and toxins, while assisting liver detoxification pathways. Besides that, Reishi mushroom together with Schizandra can lift the Liver stagnation, and in combination with the spores this formula brings the genetic imprint for a new beginning, rebirth, and newfound wisdom.

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