"Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth" ~ said the Buddha.

This is very real, as it is hard for us to hide the truth and to not live by it. 

>>> Living in truth means to live in harmony with oneself and others >>>

If we do not live by the truth our hearts will know.

As you probably know, the Heart houses the spirit or Shen, and is very sensitive when it comes to truth and untruth.

When we live in untruth or lies, our hearts know, and close off for it is wounded by falsity. On the other hand, when we live in truth our hearts open up, and we become more receptive and connected. What to do to live in truth again?

 Sacred Sacrifice 

Be willing to make sacrifices. Living your life in truth requires sometimes a sacrifice of some things. It might be uncomfortable at first glance, however remind yourself to trade the good for the great. We often seek out for security that will leaves us unsatisfied at the end of the day. Be brave, take the jump and trust in the process. Sacrifice is sacred.

 Eliminate Distraction

Ignore any distraction whether it is a bad habit, shiny ball desires or the people around you that try and hold you back. Be that horse with the blinders on. There is only one way and one direction, and that is yours and forwards. 


Persist through resistance. A natural response on our journeys is the fact that resistance in any shape or form will try to inhibit us from reaching our destination. No matter what circumstances, persist through it.