Herbalism has existed around the world and is mentioned in every written historical record ever known, from Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Indian, Sumerian, Chinese, American and Aztec. Even religious textbooks from around the world include herbalism. Fu Xi, the first emperor of China, was a shaman in 3,000 BC. Shénnóng the “Divine Farmer” in 2,697 BC. Herbalism was also used by Huang Ti in 2,698 BC, in Crete in 2,000 BC, in Egypt in 1,500 BC, and in India in 5,000 BC from the sage Bharadwaja. Herbalism is even mentioned in the oldest written language in existence, Sumerian. The earliest Japanese writings included eating ginger and wasabi with raw fish, a tradition that carries on today. The oldest cave drawings in the world is a man harvesting honey from a tree in Africa. Hippocrates is called the "father of medicine,” as he was an advanced herbalist and dietician who some say lived to be 109 years of age back in 400 BC. The Tibetan school of medicine is one of the oldest on Earth going back 4,000 years and having cataloged over 5,000 herbs.

Out of all systems throughout the ages, the ancient herbal system of the Taoist masters is by far the most profound.

Taoist tonic herbalism is the best and most effective herbal system on Earth, not because it is the most scientific, nor the most used, but because it has the longest history of success of any herbal system on Earth, and is the most reliable to date. It differs from Western herbal systems in that it emphasizes the promotion of overall body health, harmony and balance, rather than just the elimination of a single disease. Out of all the world's herbal systems, only this system has classified an elite group of about a hundred herbs known as the “superior class herbs.”These herbs may be taken daily and throughout ones lifetime, these are Tonic herbs.

Tonic herbs are known to be immensely transformative when taken regularly or throughout ones complete lifespan. Traditionally used to offer cumulative and sustained effects that may help reinforce vitality, increase immunological intelligence, and enhance energetic abilities.

Most of these precious roots, barks, and mystical mushrooms were brought into being ages ago by sagely hermits who were living among the forests in the five sacred mountains across China. 

Observations of these early herbalists living in communion with nature provided insights that led to a philosophy on health maintenance, "the three treasures" and eventually formed the most sophisticated system of herbology ever developed in history. Up until more recently in the west, these ancient traditions were still completely shrouded in mystery.

These days, with high quality tonic herbs within all of our reach, vital health is something that can always be returned to. Even if you were born Jing deficient and malnourished, applying these herbal health approaches can be paramount in initiating a miraculous transformation. Now, it is time for you to discover.