Hojari Omani Royal Green Frankincense

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Introducing our finest Treasure - Hojari Omani Green Frankincense. Limited Edition + Limited stock available. We may not ever get this in again.

Seize the opportunity to own this extraordinary Green Hojari while it lasts!

These superior medical-grade tears from Boswellia Sacra trees in Oman's Dhofar region, have been hand-harvested and carefully sourced for exceptional quality.

Royal Green Hojari is a remarkable aromatic gem, and renowned as the "scent from the gods." 

Green tears of Omani Hojari carry a high amount of bosswellia acid (the good stuff we want), it’s the unique active ingredient in Bosswellia resins. Bosswellia acid may powerfully combat inflammation, which can be the route cause of many issues.

  • Pure Green Hojari Frankicense
  • Large Tears + Powerful Aroma
  • Superior Medical Grade


Green Hojari Frankincense tears.

Amount per container: 100 grams / 8 Oz Container 

How to use

Indulge in the ancient tradition of Hojari in two simple ways — chewing or brewing as a tea to experience its exquisite aroma and health benefits.

Chewed: Our Hojari Frankincense, is Medical Grade and suitable for ingestion. Chew as a gum for a stimulating sense of alertness and enhanced concentration (please avoid swallowing).

Brewed: Alternatively, brew it into a rejuvenating tea by placing a chunk in a mug and adding hot water until fully dissolved. Experience the pinnacle of Green Hojari's medical benefits.

For deep healing: The preferred method of consuming Green Hojari is soaking one piece in a glass of water overnight. Drink half the glass in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other half later in the day, with a few hours in between. This regimen has gained popularity for its potential health benefits.

Enhance your tea time with a delightful touch — burn our exquisite Hojari Omani Green Frankincense as incense!  Experience the captivating fragrance reminiscent of lime + eucalyptus, creating a truly fantastic ambiance.

Burned as incense: To use, simply burn on a white hot coal (to prevent burning) or warm on an oil warmer. The amount to burn is entirely up to your preference; even a small amount can fill a living room with an enchanting scent that lingers for hours. Elevate your sensory experience with this extraordinary frankincense today.

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