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Radiance is for supporting rejuvenation / beauty inside + out, with additional benefits for the entire body, mind, and soul.

As it enters the heart, liver and kidney channels, it may help to quiet the spirit and sharpen the wits, promote purification of the body, and establish harmony of the entire system. This may help to relax the mind, calm the emotions, and help one to think more creatively and have a more enjoyable experience.

As a Yin Jing formula it deeply nourishes our essence and the energies of Kidney Yin and Liver Yin — Essence is the material basis of Qi (energy), and abundant essence leads to vital reserves and vigorous primordial Qi — Yin energetics are about cooling, calming, resting, restoring, and healing. The intention of this elixir is so that essence is being continuously replenished. Thus it is a very important formula for the the weak or old, worn down, overly yang, or the enervated. 

This premier kidney elixir promotes detoxification and has purifying, cleansing and dampness draining actions. It is very supportive for the lymphatic + glymphatic systems and may bring a new level of efficiency to the system with regular use. 

It is an elixir for all, however Women may find the most benefit from it. As many of the primary herbs are very beneficial for the female system, support feminine cycles, and promote physical beauty + graceful aging.

Radiance is an ideal choice for anyone seeking to revitalize body + mind + soul, inspire elegance, and promote calm, yet profound energy. This elixir may help to increase adaptive potential, create balance, uplift the mind + spirit, support the lymphatic system, and renew essence. It is truly an invaluable tool for rejuvenation, clarity of mind, and harmony of the entire system. 


This Liquid Elixir is a combination of twelve very special tonic herbs prepared into a harmonized solution:

Rehmannia root (prep.) which is known as the “kidney’s own food”, and is an herb needed by most all today. It is a premier yin jing tonic for rejuvenating our most basic essence. It has been traditionally used for building the blood, tonifying the liver & kidneys, replenishing bone marrow, and promoting growth of muscles. Plum Flower fruit, also known as Cornus, grows from the Asiatic Dogwood tree and offers many wonderful health benefits. These dried fruits are super high in antioxidants and have been traditionally used as a kidney nourishing, liver replenishing, astringent tonic. They are said to help promote a beautiful a complexion and prevent the loss of our Yin essence. Wild Yam rhizome, or commonly known as Dioscorea, is a deeply nourishing tonic that is rich in essential nutrients and replenishes vital Qi. It is commonly used to support women’s reproductive health + fertility and reducing menstrual + menopausal symptoms. Wild Yam is also traditionally used to invigorate the spleen, promote digestive health, skin health (softening), and to boost the immune system. Water Plantain rhizome, or Alisma, is an aquatic plant that has long been used as a beneficial kidney tonic and longevity aid. It is traditionally used to promote urination, drain dampness, and help with any urinary disorders. For women it is said to promote an easy labor, boost fertility and stimulate the female sexual organs. In fact, ancient Taoists said “if taken for a long time, the eyes and ears become acute, hunger is not felt, life is prolonged, the body becomes light, the complexion radiant, and one can walk upon water.” Poria fruiting body is a precious tree fungus and one of the most highly used herbs in Chinese medicine, preceding only licorice. It is traditionally used to strengthen the spleen, benefit digestion, promote urination, boost the immune system and a promote a positive mental state. Its traditional use as a beautifying tonic is to help to bring the skin’s glow back, restore hyaluronic acid content, and improve microcirculation in the skin. Tree Peony root bark, or Moutan, is very special herb with cleansing + purifying properties. It promotes circulation and helps to eliminate toxins. It is traditionally used for Yin deficiency, clearing heat + cooling the blood, easing headaches, supporting the immune system, and for female reproductive health. Dong Gui root, also known as Angelica, is a premier blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, and general wellness tonic. It is traditionally used for building the blood, menstrual complaints and menopausal symptoms, improving blood circulation, building energy, and for balancing mood. It may help to boost brain function and may offer significant benefits for reproductive, bone, skin, and overall health. Tremella fruiting body is a superfood mushroom with many restorative benefits and youth-preserving properties. Called Snow Fungus, this pure white mushroom has the ability to naturally moisturize + nourish the skin. In fact, it has been used as an ancient beauty secret for ages to develop everlasting radiance. It is traditionally said to slow skin aging, brighten complexion and deeply hydrate in + out. Tremella mushroom is simply one of the best natural beauty treatments while also offering incredible immune support and overall health benefits. Schizandra fruit is a magical shen tonic + superfood traditionally used to harmonize the body, beautify the skin, and uplift the spirit. These sacred berries are liver protective and may help to reduce cortisol and subsequent nervous system imbalances due to stress. This fruit has been a long time beauty secret that's said to protect and bring suppleness to the skin, shine to the hair, and bestow a vibrant + youthful glow. Ophiopogon tuber is a "rice like" Yin tonic and a classic beautifying herb. It is traditionally used to moisten the lungs + respiratory system, generate bodily fluids, promote healthy blood glucose levels, benefit the stomach and support digestive health. It is also a Shen tonic and has the ability to clear heat from the heart which may help to alleviate feelings of anxiousness and irritability. American Ginseng root is a deeply balancing Yin Qi tonic that supports the central nervous system and is traditionally used to help build robust strength + immune function. Ginseng’s incredible rejuvenating qualities make it an important skin health tonic, as it is traditionally said to help prevent aging, maintain the skin's elasticity, and lengthen the lifespan of skin cells. From pro athletes to busy Moms, everyone can benefit. White peony root is an age old tonic herb that is traditionally used to tonify the blood and preserve Yin. It is said to nourish the liver, remove liver stagnation, and regulate the meridians for a smooth flow of Qi. It is one of the oldest tonics used in a variety of formulations and is a beneficial herb to promote calmness, beauty and peace.

“The nature of spirit is ultimately revealed through an appreciation of the jewel hidden at the heart of your own being; then, and only then, is when your pure radiance becomes clearly visible."

What's Inside:

Ingredients: Rehmannia root (prepared), Plum Flower fruit, Wild Yam rhizome, Water Plantain rhizome, Poria mushroom, Tree Peony root bark, Dong Gui Angelica root, Tremella mushroom, Schizandra berry, Ophiopogon tuber, American Ginseng root, White Peony root.

Other Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol (30% BV). 

Amount per container: Net Wt. 1 oz (30mL) 

Servings per bottle: 50 servings (1 month supply)

Suggested Use: Take 18-30 drops per day or as desired. Use drops directly on tongue or add to pure water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Magic 🤯

I have never had an elixir work so evidently on me like this one. I almost can’t believe it. Took me 3 days to feel everything written in the product description!
Insane!! Thank you 😘

Thomas W.
Amazing Elixirs!!!

What can I say about Tonic Treasures... their spagyric elixirs, as well as all the other products, are unparalleled in their purity, potency, and efficacy. These small batch elixirs are crafted with the utmost quality and imbued with loving intention. The ginseng elixir provides me with long-lasting energy, increased mental clarity, and an overall state of well-being. I have also noticed improved skin and thicker, fuller hair by using the Radiance elixir. Also, Tonic Treasures has incredible customer service. They really care about the people they are helping, one tonic at a time. I don't know where I would be on my journey to well-ville without Tonic Treasures!!!

Helena M.
Radiance Elixer

Incredible Elixer. Took this apon rising first thing. Instantly felt a difference. Im not that sinsitive but am more so than others. I feel more of myself and much less cravings. Sometimes my cravings are so intense they bring me to tears. This has helped me feel a well balanced energy. I will make another review after a few weeks for taking this product. Very happy i ordered this.

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