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     What type of products do we provide?

    We consist of a unique line of herbs from around the world. From Three Treasures style formulas, pure & potent Medicinal Mushrooms, individual Tonic Herbs, to American Shilajit. When you purchase from Tonic Treasures you can fully rest assured that our products are the strongest, freshest and most flavorful herbal extract powders & liquid tonics obtainable, and will maintain potency for a significant amount of time. As devoted herbalists, it is absolutely essential for us to strictly work with herbs that are of utmost quality, completely beneficial in all constitutes, and absolutely without any adverse effects from contaminants. To be honest, we are quite unsatisfied with the quality of most all other herbal extracts, tinctures, and many naturally derived supplements on the market…and so, enter into the world of Tonic Treasures. We are fully dedicated to working with only the highest of quality herbs and life enhancing essences. To share these type of connoisseur grade materials as a quintessential gift — for all to have access to well crafted, verifiably clean and holistically nourishing products. We have many very valued and unique partners that work with us completely as we require. We have excellent quality control and integrity of our products from the beginning, through formulating, storing and shipping. Every herb is either organically grown, or sustainably wildcrafted from pristine environments, and all products have been laboratory tested to ensure they are clean and safe. The country of origin for all of our Chinese herbs are (Di Tao) authentically sourced from the pristine lands of China. All of our herbal products are then blended, prepared and packaged in the U.S.A. with diligence, reverence and love. 

     Sourcing of our herbs?

    Our priority is to source the world’s most potent and pristine herbal materials. So we work closely with our partners & suppliers to ensure purity, safety and consistency in every herbal input used at Tonic Treasures. All of our materials come through several very valued and unique “family” sources that we’ve found produce an incomparable quality. We do not simply purchase on the common open marketplace, nor do our herbal extracts come from sitting in some warehouse in the U.S. or overseas. We actually contract our producers to craft most of our herbal extract powders for Tonic Treasures. Our cooperatives will then create the herbal extracts specifically for us. Once this process is complete the herbs are promptly shipped directly to us. This allows for a certain freshness that is not generally attainable, while also ensuring the potency and efficacy of all our products. 

     What are 10:1 powdered extracts?

    Most all of our herbs are 10:1 powdered extracts (unless otherwise noted). What this means is that 10 lbs of raw herbs were extracted down to 1 lb of completely water soluble herbal concentrate, and that the herbal extract powder will now be 10x more powerful than the basic powdered herb. Overall extracts tend to be significantly more cost effective than simple herb powders, and also way more efficacious in their beneficial actions because of the increased concentration. We have found that 10:1 extracts offer the most potency without diminishing any of the herbs intrinsic essence, as is the case of certain higher ratio extracts available.

    How are the herbs extracted?

    Extractions are optimized for each individual herb on the basis of its unique property, and to ensure preservation of active ingredients in full spectrum. Most all of the extractions of our herbs are created with a hot water method, unless a cold water, alcohol extraction, or hydroethanolic (dual extraction) method would be more effective for the specific herb. This process is essentially done by using a style of giant pressure cooker to make a very large and concentrated batch of tea. Many of the tonic herbs are roots or barks, and need to be cooked to allow the specific beneficial compounds to be drawn out from all the ligenous fiber. This fiber is then removed from the concentrated liquid, and all of the water is evaporated, leaving behind the pure water soluble components of the particular herb. This means that the finished product is basically an instant tea powder. This creates versatility and a significant ease of consumption, while also allowing for enhanced absorption of the different medicinal constituents. Simply add around a teaspoon to hot water and you have a perfectly concentrated tea.

    How long do our products last?

    Every herb is quite unique, and each herb concurrently has it’s own level of adequate or comfortable dosage. Most of our herbs have a Starting dosage of 1/2 tsp, which doesn’t seem like very much, but this may actually be perfectly appropriate for someone starting out and working with these specific extract powders. Likewise each person is unique, and each person obviously has their own needs and preferences towards any specific herb or formula. Generally, each one of our herbal extract products are around a 4 – 6 week supply of daily use. Some people prefer to take small amounts and receive all they desire, while others like to take larger doses and go through their herbs much quicker. We do encourage those who desire to truly feel the “magic” of these materials on a deeper level —  step up the dosage after several weeks/months use; from anywhere to 1 tsp – 1 tbs. As this may initiate some incredibly empowering effects to take place in the human system. We personally take larger amounts of tonic herbs ourselves, yet always suggest finding the appropriate amount that best serves you. *However you choose to use our herbal extracts, please remember they are exceptionally potent, and a little bit goes a long way.



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