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    As Superior Herbalists and sincere admirers of the Taoist herbal philosophies, this company is founded in a deep appreciation, for not only the herbs themselves, but the entire tradition surrounding them. We are part of an ancient lineage known of as The Gate of Life. It is believed to be over 5000 years old and is a tradition that focuses mostly on the use of Tonic Herbs to increase vitality, promote longevity and enhance ones spiritual evolution. At the heart of this enlightened tradition is the intention to utilize these special herbs as tools to prolong life, and to do so specifically for the attainment of wisdom and fulfillment of ones true purpose. It is a tradition founded in service, carrying with it a profound commitment to being a beneficial presence in this life. 

    Our main passion is to watch things grow. From witnessing our own self-growth, to watching other people, plants, animals, to any form of life involved in it’s own expansion. To rightfully explore the possibility, that there is something essential in unveiling that of our own intrinsically-charged destiny, and to discover the life that gives back to us, us. So we aspire to inspire! And to also encourage enjoyment and deep discovery through one’s own herbalistically infused journey of self-inspired transformation and development. This passion was simply spawned out of necessity, curiosity and a voracious determination to heal an early lifetime of our own afflictions, yet has evolved into an evergrowing lifestyle of gaining true well-being, radiant health, piercing insight, powerful vitality, and an Adept Spiritual Side that Reflects All That We See. So we are committed to provide not only the purest, most energetically intact and holistically nourishing Tonic Herbs & Products, but we are also committed to integrity, love, compassion, understanding, truth and the entire vast world of wellness. Enter into Herbalistic Harmony.




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