Meet a very special member of our family, Christina Sutra. This fiery goddess from the PNW is constantly evolving with the natural flow of life while exploring the subtle synchronicities the universe reveals throughout each day. Christina is a powerful force of wild inspiration and an incredibly talented artist, creating passionate art and sharing insightful lifestyle tips for many around the world. She lives a holistic lifestyle and loves to share all that can bring harmony into others lives. This amazing mother of three will inspire you to always find time to experience the mysteries of life, find gratitude through everything, and in being open to all that flows through you. This is why we love her so much! She uses many mediums for her exotic artwork, yet also recognizes herself as a medium through which nature paints. The forest floor her palette, the sky her canvas. As she moves through the world, or more so her dreamland, she emanates a reflection of the universe and holds the keys to deeper understandings in her very own hand.

Christina Sutra Art | Christina Sutra Podcast | @christina_sutra