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    Nine Rivers into One Ocean  10:1 Herbal Extract
    Nourishing Qi Tonic
    PURE ORGANIC — Net Weight 100 grams 
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    This is an eloquent blend of nine classic Chinese tonic herbs known to invigorate the spleen and support proper lymphatic ‘flow’. These herbs have been traditionally used to support immune function, digestive health, regulation of blood sugar, building of the blood and increasing red & white blood cells. This formula makes an absolutely delicious hot or cold tea and can make for the perfect afternoon elixir. When taken around 4-6pm (bladder/kidney organ clock) the cleansing effects may become more apparent. The important spleen Qi herbs in this formula have been traditionally used in Taoist herbology to aid in metabolism / weight management, help break up accumulations and stagnation in the middle jiao (abdominal area) and are known to be very beneficial, especially for women. For proper spleen function is pivotal in transforming the Qi of the food we eat in to blood, thus transporting nourishment to the organ systems. The primary herbs used are also recognized to be very effective in transforming dampness — so it can also be highly beneficial for individuals whom follow a high living (raw) food lifestyle. As strong digestive fire rises in the sea of Qi, it may nourish and activate all higher energy systems. When Qi flows freely we are vital and evolve.

    Ingredients: (Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, White Atractylodes, Rehmannia, Eleuthero, Jujube, Turkey Tail, Tangerine Peel)

    Additional information

    Weight 280 g


    Ingredients: Astragalus root, Codonopsis root, Poria fruiting body, White Atractylodes rhizome, (Prepared) Rehmannia root, Eleuthero root, **Turkey Tail fruiting body, Jujube date,  Tangerine Peel.

    **Dual Extract Standardized 30% Polysaccharides 

    Net Wt. 100 grams — 100 servings 

    Suggested Use: Mix around 1 tsp into a cup of hot water for the perfect instant tea. Blend into any smoothie, elixir, coffee drink, spice up your favorite foods, or take directly by the spoonful. Store in a cool dry place. Keep jar for future use.

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    3 reviews for FLOW

    1. Lucy

      I have been taking Flow for a couple months now and am really enjoying it. I started taking it to help with weight loss and digestive support. I really feel that it’s been helping me to better digest the raw foods that I eat. The flavor of all of the herbs together is so good that I could honestly eat this all the time. I actually have to hold myself back so I don’t have to keep ordering more! What a good problem to have with tonic herbs considering they are the only class of herbs that you can’t overdose with! Flow gets 5 stars and the green light from me. 🙂

    2. M Smith

      Flow is amazing! The first time I drank it I felt the healing energy. It was like taking a breath for the first time. Since taking it twice a day my overall physical and mental health have improved. I sleep deeper and my energy during the day is steady and peaceful. My digestion has improved greatly! And the flavor is soooo yummy! I want tot drink it all day but I have to stop myself. The scent and taste are addicting, in a very good way. I highly recommend this to anyone considering it!!!

    3. Rebekah

      This is the 1st tonic I’ve tried and it’s absolutely incredible.
      1 of my favorites, I’m very intuitive with my body and
      The moment I drank it I felt a overwhelming feeling of peace and a harmonious, energetic shift in my body.
      Ive felt it’s benefits already from day 1!
      I’ve continued to take it as part of my morning ritual everyday in my coffee or tea.
      I feel such a harmonious peaceful energetic experience everyday too start my morning. The benefits from this tonic are amazing!!! I highly recommend you try this you will fall in love with tonic treasures and come back for many more.
      It has helped my digestive system, my anxiety my state of being and perception has helped clear stagnant energy.
      The benefits are incredible try this, you will be back for more.
      Sending light and love, you were drawn here for a reason listen to your intuition. This is nature’s magic! ✨

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