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    Mushroom of Spiritual Potency  Hydroethanolic Dual Extract
    Three Treasures Tonic
    PURE ORGANIC — Net Weight 40 grams 
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    Known of as the “Herb Of Immortality”, Lingzhi is undoubtedly one of the most highly revered mushrooms in the world. It is considered a supreme Shen tonic and overall Three Treasures nourisher that bestows radiant health and a supernatural state of mind. This is the most potent and profound Reishi we have ever found. It is the true Reishi essence and the ultimate expression of this ancient life giving mushroom; it is Reishidelic. This particular extraction is a 50% 10:1 triple water hydroenthanolic fruiting body dual extract and 50% cracked cell wall spores. It is highly concentrated and has a subtle chocolate flavor amidst the standard Reishi bitterness. The Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms in this extract are grown in a pristine region of China, under very controlled conditions, using a propriety method that enhances the quality and increases the active constituents present in the mushroom. The Reishi are grown on a substrate created from 45 different Certified Organic medicinal plants. So the Reishi literally feed off of all the beneficial constituents of the composted herbs, resulting in a premium Lingzhi mushroom with increased potency and a significant concentration of the renowned life promoting compounds established in the wild version. The spores contain high concentrations of beneficial constitutes and can deeply nourish our most basic life essence. They are also what contributes to the magical vibes that Reishi is legendary for. This extract is standardized to no less than 15% polysaccharides and contains a considerable triterpene content. Experience one of the most transformational and exotic elements to ever enter your existence.



    Additional information

    Weight 170 g


    Ingredients: Organically Grown Pure  Fruiting Body Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidium) Hydroenthanolic Dual Extract (standardized to 30% Polysaccharides minimum) and 50% Cracked Cell Wall Reishi Spores.

    Net Wt. 40 grams — 40-60 servings

    Suggested Use: Mix 1/2 tsp into a cup of hot water for the perfect instant tea. Blend into any juice, smoothie, coffee drink, elixir, or spice up your favorite foods. The Starting Dosage is 1/8 Tsp — yet we recommended finding the appropriate amount that best serves you. However you choose to use our herbal extracts, please remember they are exceptionally potent, and a little bit goes a long way…

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    1 review for REISHIDELIC

    1. Lucy

      I’ve been buying reishidelic for over a year now and am very pleased with it. I’ve bought several reishi extracts from other suppliers and definitely prefer this one over all others. There is a huge difference in the taste and the way that it makes me feel. Usually I take it on its own, straight up when I feel that I need it. Since it’s an adaptogen I sometimes take it when I need an energy boost and other times I may take it to help me unwind before bed. I also have used this reishi in a few recipes. It tasted amazing in a raw tiramisu ice cream that I made because its flavor kind of reminds me of coffee. All around, I am very satisfied and will be back for more soon!

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