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    Our Three Treasures tonics deeply nurture Jing, Qi, and Shen, and may provide superior nourishment to the human element in a profound way. Jing embodies robust health, long-term vitality, youthfulness, happiness, beauty, attractiveness, and grace. Qi fortifies the body, immune system, builds protective defenses, establishes muscular strength, and provides our day to day energy. Shen is spirit, intellect, will strength, our inner most connection to ourselves and environment, and awakening of our highest self. These three energies represent the three primary components to life and are considered to be what embodies ones health, happiness, evolution, and life purpose. They are meant to be nourished, and not wasted. To cultivate and protect these Three Treasures is the fundamental role of our living existence. So our commitment is to provide the most effective means of strengthening these energies. Most tonic herbs work synergistically together and enhance the effects of one another when combined in an appropriate formula. A comprehensive formula also may help to optimize all natural body functions and structures, is a way to establish yin & yang energies in a suitable dynamic balance, and will directly support in tonifying all Three Treasures. The Formulas in this collection are considered supreme creations and elixirs of immortality. They each have their own features and function that distinguish their role and effect. Each one of their influences in your life will be an alchemical celebration in it’s finest form.



    Jing tonics are known to nourish the energy that is fundamental to all life. Jing is regenerative essence, what defines the body’s physical mass, and is connected to our genetics. It is our life-force reserve that we attribute from birth and was passed down from our parents & grandparents. Jing has a direct correlation to having a healthy immune system and healing power. It is also the long term energy, endurance, and constitution of resilience that one has in their life. This Jing energy embodies robust health, long-term vitality, youthfulness — happiness, beauty, attractiveness, and grace. Jing energy is sexual energy, and it is our ability to reproduce and our children’s reproductive potential. It brings brawniness to the man and bestows beauty upon the woman, as Jing herbs have been traditionally used to help strengthen the bones, tonify the kidneys, nourish the reproductive system, and strengthen the adrenals. Jing energy relates to proper neurotransmitter production and to having well balanced hormones. Plentiful Jing equals confidence. It also supports mental energy, enthusiasm, and may be one of the direct driving forces behind someone having strong willpower. The Jing tonics in our collection may be immensely transformative and may help support profound levels of vitality in a completely magical way.



    Qi tonics are traditionally believed to help nourish and fortify the body, immune system, and develop solid muscular strength. Qi is the flame of metabolism and evolution, and essentially the energy of life. It is animation, action and force. Qi protects, warms, holds, transforms and transports. Qi energy is also our ability to adapt. This is why most all Qi tonics are potent adaptogens and help the body to adapt to stress and extreme conditions. When Qi flows freely it allows you to feel light and in love with life. With strong Qi you will feel very energetic, agile, enduring, and powerful. There are different forms of Qi, but the two most prominent are know as; Upright Qi and Protective Qi. Both serve a profound purpose in maintaining vital health. The Qi tonics in our collection are excellent for breaking up stagnant energy, and may help support in enhancing the digestion, support maintaining upright posture, building protective defenses, fortifying immune function, and sustaining balanced energy in a significant way. When Qi flows freely we are vital and evolve.



    Shen tonics are traditionally used to promote calmness, elevate our will strength, and heighten our inner most connection to ourselves and environment. Shen is commonly referred to as simply spirit. It is said to be the energy behind consciousness and awareness. Most Shen tonics contribute to deeply nourishing the intellect and faculties of the higher mind. They also promote the energy of integrity, abundance, and help create leaders by instilling the perspective of optimism and long-term positivity! When the seat of the soul is anchored, it is seen that Shen manifests as ravishing radiance, vivacity, kindness, generosity, and a profoundly loving disposition. The Shen tonics in our collection are mystical jewels that may give rise to a tranquil mind, stable spirit and an awakening of our highest self. They truly are powerful potions and lively elixirs of the highest order.



    In herbal traditions Mushrooms lay down a legacy that is quite incomparable. They have been treasured for ages in helping to fortify all the fundamental components of the body and tonify the spiritual sectors, as their spores spread far n’ wide throughout the world. The intrinsic importance they play in tonic herbology is a role that cannot be rivaled. Because of this, the collection of Organic Medicinal Mushrooms we’ve acquired for our apothecary are of a quality of incomparability. These particular powdered mushroom extracts are not simply the standardized extracts you will find elsewhere. Our mushrooms products are exceptionally potent, energetically intact, fully beneficial in all constitutes, pure fruiting body hydroethanolic dual extracts standardized to 30% polysaccharides minimum. This collection consists of the absolute highest quality medicinal mushroom extracts available on the market. These herbal mushrooms are some of the most influential essences that we have ever experienced. They may help initiate a rapid acceleration of immunological intelligence, enhance ones’ defensive Qi (Chi), and may aid in the preservation of our cellular integrity. We humbly believe that they can act as the basic blueprint for heightened holistic health by playing a profoundly supportive role for the entire system.

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