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    Sourcing our herbs

    At Tonic Treasures, our priority is to source the world’s most potent and pristine herbs. We love nature and seek to preserve its beauty. This is why we only source Certified Organic and third-party lab-tested herbs.

    We work closely with our international partners, world renowned herbalists and farmers, to ensure purity, safety and consistency in every herbal input used at Tonic Treasures. Most of our herbs come from China and India through Certified Organic producers.

    What are 10:1 powdered extracts?

    Most of our herbs are 10:1 powdered extracts; which are more efficacious and beneficial. The herbs are boiled under heat and pressure, the woody fibers are removed, and the tea is evaporated to create a concentrated tea powder.

    These extracts are easy to use and more potent than consuming the raw herb. Many of the roots and barks must be cooked to draw out the beneficial compounds.

    The powders are more versatile, easy to consume, and allow for enhanced absorption of its constituents. Simply add a teaspoon of powder to a cup of hot water for a perfectly concentrated herbal tea.

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