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    Tonic Treasures Shilajit comes from North America and it’s the first of its kind! I have tried TONS of different brands out there and this stuff is by FAR the most ELECTRIFYING shilajit I have ever consumed. Within a minute of taking it I saw major improvement and had an overall sense of well being. This is the best feedback my body has ever received from a shilajit. These guys have an EXCELLENT product. LIGHTSAMPS APPROVED BIGTIME

    Brandon Sampson

    I am absolutely in love with these herbal formulations! They are masterfully crafted with pure intention from the highest quality extract powders on the market.I am a connoisseur of herbs and all forms of plant medicine. I feel these herbs instantly when I take them with an accumulative effect that takes me into the realms of pure magic. They are considered treasures for a reason as what they have to offer us is priceless and more valuable than any amount of material wealth. They assist me to dive deeper into my own being to reach a level of vitality that can only be understood from experience. By connecting with these powerful plant allies they have helped me to explore the mystical realms of my own being. For this I am deeply grateful.

    Adam Bouressa

    The adaptogenic and tonic herbs from Tonic Treasures are a dream come true. The purity, potency, and vibration of these herbs support me like no other. Only a small amount is needed to produce a palpable and immediate effect. I always feel more calm, at ease, energized, clear, and inspired when I incorporate these herbs into my biology. There’s nothing like choosing to start the day with a medicinal cacao tonic coupled with my Tonic Treasures. Pure alchemy!


    Amanda Patti

    THANK YOU for such amazing products!! I tried Lucidity, Reishidelic and the Shilajit all this past weekend and feel so alive and invigorated!! I’m working on launching a business/project and I can’t believe how much more confident and creative I feel. Also the Lucidity really heightened my intuition. I’m an intuitive empath 🤗🤗 so glad I found you guys! Definitely a happy customer and will be coming back for more ☯️💗✨✨✨

    Natilie Windle

    Custom Formula

    Wow! I am in absolute awe and vitality and gratitude and bliss from using my new Custom Formula or Purple Snow Elixir, and let me just describe what I have been experiencing… So upon the first sip of the elixir, I felt a surge of euphoric beautiful energy and my soul was filled with an unspeakable joy like it literally was so powerful and perfect all I could do was laugh with radiant joy. I have been waiting for this for so long, I have been praying for this for at least 7 years, truly the answer to my prayers wow. Then, very soon after taking it I felt like I could truly breathe again, like it was a miracle, and I was in such a state of gratitude and bliss and I was basically crying tears of joy and praising God. Then a little while later I noticed I feel a calm and peace like I have never felt before. And a cooling relaxation and contentment. 2744.png

    Also today I noticed my skin looked noticeably healthier, like better circulation and more resilient and smoother. I even have had more sugar lately and not been sleeping as much and I woke up feeling not that great and would have normally felt and looked bad all day given those conditions, but upon consuming the elixir I feel revitalized and lovely.

    I am delighted with what I have experienced so far and am so excited to see and feel more tangible results. It’s such a gift that I truly and deeply appreciate. Even upon taking a sip of it, I feel immediately more beautiful and happy and like my true and ultimate self. You are truly a master herbalist and from my heart I thank you so much and also you should know that you are doing God’s will and helping many and God is very pleased with you. High vibration, high consciousness, enjoying the best of God’s herbal gifts on this earth, what an amazing existence. The elixir just keeps enhancing my whole being and I love it. Thank you so very much for crafting this exceptional blend, it is exquisitely beautiful and cleansing and purifying and so much more. Just keeps getting better. I will probably take it the rest of my life haha. I love tonics.  1f603.png

    Lauren Ammar

    Tonic Treasurses Shilijt is awesome! The first time I took it, I felt a rush of energy! I felt more connected to my thoughts and was able to easier connect to my consciousness. My boyfriend and I both took it and we became instantly more focused and our creativity, conversations and ideas about our projects began to run rampant and we kicked into high gear. Thank you for this beautiful natural tonic!

    Rebecca Rowley

    I was very impressed by the purity and efficacy of this Shilajit, and in my opinion it far exceeds most all that I’ve tried. I highly recommend this Rocky Mountain Shilajit for its tonifying actions and pristine quality.

    Rehmannia Dean Thomas

    Tonic Treasures Shilajit is the most interactive supplement that I’ve ever taken!

    Mark Ritz

    Thank you so much for making magic products!


    Tonics & Shilajit

    Endless gratitude for our Mothers gifts, I thank you for helping bridge the gap between her offerings and those who feel called to utilize them.  Thank you for the incredible product, the alchemy is too incredible not to share. I appreciate you! 


    Tonics & Mushrooms

    Wow!!! I feel amazing its indescribable. I’ve been smiling all morning! My days have been great and my mood has improved unmeasurably.

    Jerson V.

    Tonics Formulas

    Thank you both for the great products and love that you put into them! 



    LOVE IT. Love the domestic sourcing. Love the cognitive boost. Recommending it to clients and everything!

    Kimberly Kaye

    Tonics & Mushrooms

     I love your products! They brighten my energy, body and soul making me a healthier happier being radiating on this earth! Thank you!

    Diana Percival

    👏 why I buy from you guys, is that not a lot of company’s can even come close to what you do! 🤔 sadly companies nowadays always want to make a quick dollar and leave out the quality part of the product. I’ll have to get some more tonics when I get the chance. About 2 years ago I grew an interest in natural ways of healing for the longest I didn’t know which companies to trust after all I care deeply what I put in my body. Ive lost family members and friends to cancer and even seeing friends family and even random people lose loved ones breaks my heart. At times I wish I could have done something to help heal them and even heal myself. This is when tonic treasures just poped up in my feed, so I gave you guys a try and even got an athletic blend custom made by the founder 👌🏾❤️ what a great man. And I’m still using it and I have to say it’s like my “preworkout” as well as shilajit I’ve gotten from you guys and it’s been quite the journey and ride. I owe you guys. 

    Basie Espinoza


    Feeling wonderful after just 1 cup so I can’t wait to see how Ill feel after having it for a week!! Thanks so much for a beautiful product.

    Victoria Tulipani


    This tincture is seriously THE best addition I’ve found!! Thank you thank you cant wait to try others. 

    Leah Marie

    Flow & Shilajit

    Thank you for your amazing products!


    I’m loving your products! Thank you for good quality, clean products!


    I really love your products, thank you so much!


    Flow: Vitality Tonic

    Feeling wonderful after just 1 cup so I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel after having it for a week! Thanks so much for a beautiful product ♥️

    Victoria Pulapani


     I really dont feel the same on any other supplement, thank you guys I’ll be looking up what you sent me. Love you guys thanks for changing lives ♥️🔥👌

    Tyler Simpson


    I’m absolutely loving it! 🧚🏼‍♀️ you guys did awesome! I Love supporting and sharing 🌸

    Alyssa Walsh

    Tonics & Mushrooms

    Wow today was amazing guys. I had a blast this morning. I was very happy and feeling 100%  with everything. I reaaaally look forward to incorporating your herbs into my everyday life. Thank you! It was so amazing to feel the effects just a few minutes after consuming the herbs. I was amazed at how they were working so well. 😁😁

    Jerson V.


     I feel amazing already! Thank you!! 🙏🏻💓



    I started taking Tonic Treasures Shilajit in February and absolutely love it. I feel like my eyesight has improved and my overall health has dramatically increased. 

    Love and Light


    Tonics + Shilajit

    I have a deep appreciation for, and love these products greatly. They provide a vigor in my everyday life that can be a bit hard to explain. Mentally and physically. Just a heightened state of being in both senses you could say. Its truly wonderful. Thank you for the quick and thorough resonse that hit all of my questions with great answers! Again, I would like to thank you very much for such wonderful products. You provide such great and elaborate descriptions. I have found your descriptions to be accurate to a T when it comes to my personal experience using them which is really quite impressive! It makes it really easy to choose you guys to support, promote, and spend money on.

    With much love and respect,

    Andrew Katt


    I’ve really noticed the positive effects over time! Stuff is pure magic 🔥 Thanks again for creating something truly special 🙂 So amazing!!
    Yeah, your North American Shilajit is in a whole other league. Glad to support you guys and spread the message.

    Matt Oliphant

    Custom Woman’s Tonic

     Hi guys. 🙂 just wanted to let you know that the special woman tonic is absolutely amazing. It reduced my pms a lot. I feel a lot more balanced and have less food cravings. I will definitely order it again. Thank you ❤



    I have taken it consistently for the last few weeks and have noticed my fatigue has lessened and I have replaced my morning coffee with a massive cup of water and a serving of shilajit. I’ve just moved my morning coffee to an afternoon iced pick me up😆




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