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    Our Three Treasures tonics may deeply nurture Jing, Qi, and Shen, and can provide superior nourishment to the human element in a profound way. Jing embodies robust health, long-term vitality, youthfulness, happiness, beauty, attractiveness, and grace. Qi fortifies the body, immune system, builds protective defenses, establishes muscular strength, and provides our day to day energy. Shen is spirit, intellect, will strength, our inner most connection to ourselves and environment, and awakening of our highest self. These three energies represent the three primary components to life and are considered to be what embodies ones health, happiness, evolution, and life purpose. They are meant to be nourished, and not wasted. To cultivate and protect these Three Treasures is the fundamental role of our living existence. So our commitment is to provide the most effective means of strengthening these energies. Most tonic herbs work synergistically together and enhance the effects of one another when combined in an appropriate formula. A comprehensive formula also helps to optimize all natural body functions and structures, is a way to establish yin & yang energies in a suitable dynamic balance, and will directly support in tonifying all Three Treasures. The Formulas in this collection are considered supreme creations and elixirs of immortality. They each have their own features and function that distinguish their role and effect. Each one of their influences in your life will be an alchemical celebration in it’s finest form.

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