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Lion's Mane is an incredible mushroom that can help to modulate the immune system and support wellness, like nearly all medicinal mushrooms, but what makes Lion’s Mane so incredibly unique is its renowned nootropic effects. 

Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane may have the ability to help stimulate synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain.* NGF is integral for proper brain development and also may trigger a process known as re-myelination — which helps keep neurons healthy and maintains their ability to conduct electrical signals efficiently.

    In numerous studies Lion’s Mane has been connected with exponentially enhanced cognition and help in the regeneration of brain tissue and neurons.* Because of this, there is much optimism for its use with neurological degenerative conditions. It may also support memory, concentration, creativity, and overall cognition

    Unlocking the Meditative Mind 

    Lion’s Mane has a long history of being consumed as food in China and Japan. However, the mushroom is perhaps even more famous for its use in expanding and increasing spiritual consciousness. The Yamabushi buddhist monks used Lion’s Mane regularly, even calling it “Yamabushitake” - a word which merges the name of their own Japanese tribe and the flowing garments they wore, known as “suzukake.”

    Lion’s Mane is typically found on decaying oak, walnut, and beech trees. Monks would harvest the mushroom before using it to dive into the depths of meditation. But why did these meditators choose to use Lion’s Mane specifically? It turns out the mushroom is famous for enhancing transcendental perception. By allowing us to tap into our mystical life force, or Qi, Lion’s Mane enhances the human concentration and overall quality of one’s physical and spiritual mind.

    Today, everyone from modern spiritual seekers to nootropic fanatics are rediscovering these ancient benefits of Lion’s Mane. When it comes to memory, concentration, creativity, and overall cognition, it seems there is no better mushroom for elevating the consciousness or higher mind, and unlocking the primordial wisdom that is our birthright. 

    Mushroom of the Higher Mind — Nootropic Shen Tonic

    Our Lion’s Mane extract is of extremely high quality and has been created solely from the fruiting body. The mushrooms have been grown on organic biodiverse substrates, in a controlled environment, under very stringent conditions to ensure absolute integrity of the final product.

    This is a hydroethanolic dual extract of the pure fruiting bodies. This method of extraction allows for a greater concentration of the triterpenes to be made available, and ours is standardized to 30% polysaccharides and 1% hericium. 

    It tastes amazing own it's own, as a simple tea or when added to food, and offers significant beneficial constituents that may assist in the regeneration of nerves, enhance mental agility, heighten mood, and encourage spiritual connection. This is one of the favorite extracts in our collection and great for daily use. Treat yourself to cerebral candy.

    What's Inside:

    Ingredients: Lion's Mane fruiting body (Hericum erinaceaus) hydroenthanolic dual extract standardized to 30% polysaccharides minimum.

    Amount per container: 60 Capsules / 1 oz

    Servings per bottle: 30 servings in Miron glass

    Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules to start. Slowly build up your dose to more capsules over time. Break open capsules for elixirs. Use 1-3 times per day or consult with your health practitioner. 

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