With a strong commitment to quality and integrity, we ethically source premium plant ingredients from pristine regions around the world.

Merging traditional techniques with innovative methods, we meticulously formulate these botanical compounds into potent, full-spectrum supplements for you and your loved ones.




Tonic Treasures is founded in a deep appreciation, for not only the herbs themselves, but the entire tradition surrounding them. We are part of an ancient lineage known of as The Gate of Life. It is believed to be over 5000 years old and is a tradition that focuses mostly on the use of tonic herbs to increase vitality, promote longevity and enhance ones spiritual evolution.

At the heart of this enlightened tradition is the intention to utilize these special tonics + elixirs as tools to and enhance and lengthen life, and to do so specifically for the attainment of wisdom, enlightenment and fulfillment of ones true purpose. 

Embracing the natural flow of life and all of its aspects is our blank canvas from where creativity arises. Our ultimate mission is to send out ripples of reinvigorated wellness into the world and activate your soul.