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  • Full spectrum extracts

  • Harmonizing adaptogens

  • Grounded energy + vitality


Magical. I got this blend a couple of weeks ago and I drink it as tea every morning with shilajit. It is earthy and delicious. Since starting it I’ve had deep reflective moments of realization leading to more self love and an even deeper sense of connection to earth and all beings here. My energy feels heightened as well as my senses. Overall, I feel a greater sense of balance and unity and I highly recommend The Way.

Amazing Its helping me with alot of things ,but the most beneficial ive noticed is also the hair. Before I came across these treasures I'd also start to have hair loss and thinning of hair, but since ive been taking this tea ive noticed a stop on hair loss and thicker hair. so glad I came across these treasures while I'm young!


Harmony, Strength and Balance.


The Ultimate Adaptogenic Blend 

A connoisseur's blend of herbs — a formula of most elite health promoting herbs ever known to mankind. Highly renowned in many herbal traditions for their anti-aging, immune strengthening, mind enhancing and spiritually stimulating qualities.

Elixirs of Immortality

The precious herbs it consists of, have been traditionally used throughout the ages by Taoist masters — to generate radiant health, longevity + profound wisdom, and support the adaptive potential in all aspects of life.

Three Treasures Nourisher

The eloquent combination of these classical tonic herbs can graciously nurture all Three Treasures: Jing, Qi, and Shen on a foundational level and help to tonify Qi & Yin Jing.  It is simply the ultimate herbal adaptogenic experience.
THE WAY: Harmonizing Longevity Tonic Strength + Hormone Balance
THE WAY: Harmonizing Longevity Tonic Strength + Hormone Balance
THE WAY: Harmonizing Longevity Tonic Strength + Hormone Balance
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100 grams / 1 month supply
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How to use

A unique combination of active ingredients to promote healthy energy levels and bring balance to everyday stress.I

This is an earthy, balancing and energizing tonic that supports overall wellbeing. 

This tonic has been carefully crafted to promote long-term vitality. This is a full spectrum harmonizing formula of the highest order.

 With continued use:

• support abundant energy levels  

• adapt to your environment

• support healthy sexual function

• bring the body into harmony 

• balance circadian rhythms  

• promote physical endurance


Reishi, Astragalus, He Shou Wu (prep.), Rehmannia (prep.), Goji, Eucommia, Gynostemma, Reishi Spores, Schizandra, Licorice, Tangerine Peel. 

Reishi mushroom: is known as the “mushroom of Immortality”, and is one of the most profound longevity tonics in existence. It has shown to protect cellular DNA from oxidant damage caused by aging and possesses remarkable health benefits. 

Astragalus root: is a “heaven class” elite herb that’s traditionally used to restore health, fortify the body + mind, and support longevity through stimulating activity of telomerase. 

He Shou Wu root (prep.): is truly a superior tonic, and the foremost beneficial herb for nourishing and preserving our vital essence. It is traditionally used to tonify and replenish the kidneys + liver, stimulating and harmonizing adrenal gland function, and promoting general endocrine system balance. For ages this tonic has been a highly sought after and renowned for potently restoring strength + vigor and a very youthful sexual drive. 

Rehmannia root (prep.): is known as the “kidney’s own food”, prepared Rehmannia is an herb needed by most all today. It is a premier yin jing tonic for rejuvenating our most basic essence. It has been traditionally used for building the blood, tonifying the liver & kidneys, replenishing bone marrow, and promoting growth of muscles. 

Tibetan Goji fruit: is an instrument of extreme longevity has been used by Taoist monks as a daily tonic for centuries. It is an excellent blood tonic and one of the top herbs for promoting a long, healthy, and happy life. Tibetan Goji is 2-3x as nutritious as normal goji. Eucommia bark : is a very special yang jing athletic herb that comes from natural latex-producing trees in Asia. It supports ligament + joint health, the adrenals, sexual health, and is a overall excellent energy tonic. 

Gynostemma leaf: also called jiaogulan, is considered a rare three treasures nourisher that imparts majestic vitality upon all those whom consume it. As legend has it, inhabitants located near where gynostemma prolifically grows, allegedly have much longer lifespans, with a large percentage of individuals living upwards of 100 years of age. Reishi Spores : are like highly vibrational microscopic elements with almost other worldly origins. 

Schizandra fruit: is a luxurious youth preserver and secret sexual tonic has been used to harmonize the body, beautify the skin, and soften the spirit for ages in Taoist traditions.

Licorice root: harmonizes ingredients of the herbal formula, tonifies the spleen and moistens the lungs, and is one of the most widely used herbs for eliminating toxins. 

Tangerine peel: helps move Qi (energy) stagnation and acts as a digestive aid.

Suggested Use: Take 1 tsp 1-2 times per day or as desired. Blend into any juice, smoothie, coffee drink, elixir, spice up your favorite foods, or even eat directly by the spoonful. 

Amount per container: 3.52oz (100g) extract powder. 

Servings per container: 50 servings (using 1 tsp per serving)

Customer Reviews

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Lee M.
The only WAY

Absolute sharpness, and overall energy since incorporating THE WAY in my quest of man's primal essence.

Love the taste.

Tastes great with cold raw milk and honey. I feel good about the ingredients!

The name says it all

OH BOY! Where do I start! The owners suggested this to me for some health imbalances I was experiencing and WOW. Its become a staple in my regimen over the past few years! This Treasure connected me with food in a way I never thought possible and opened pathways within me that brought me to some beautiful states of Bliss & Connection. Because of that, my life changed, my body changed, my mind changed, my perspectives changed. I absolutely love the Taste and Smell and connecting with the herbs as I make it. Whenever I”ve used The Way I feel so grounded, nourished, safe and guided. Physically my body feels amazing in the most natural organic ways. I feel like my body is communicating with food and since exploring with this product I have quit drinking alcohol, quit using nicotine and quit eating and drinking certain things that were highly toxic to my system with EASE and in ways that were completely natural for me(it didn’t feel forced/easily let go of it). I had tried several times throughout my life to quit things I knew were toxic for my system, but I would just end up switching the toxicities around and it became a cycle. This tonic and the beautiful medicine in it helped naturally guide me through letting these aspects go & guiding me in that healing process in a way that was soothing and natural for me and my system. Along with two other TT medicinals, these seemed to be the missing pieces for that shift and I could not be more grateful. Thank you Tonic Treasures once again!!!

Alexyss P.

I haven’t tried yet but I know I will love!

Nelson Martin
Feel Good

Feel good and quality products thank you :)


Asked Questions

If you haven’t found the answer you need, email us at

What makes THE WAY unique?

THE WAY combines carefully selected herbs that are rarely found together in a single supplement, offering a synergistic blend that addresses multiple aspects of health and wellness.

It stands out due to its unique combination of carefully selected herbs. Unlike many products that focus solely on well-known adaptogens, THE WAY incorporates less common ingredients like Eucommia and Gynostemma, offering a more comprehensive and harmonizing approach to wellness. The inclusion of both Reishi mushroom and its spores also sets it apart, potentially providing a fuller spectrum of benefits from this renowned fungus.

How might THE WAY support longevity practices?

Several ingredients included are renowned for their potential longevity-promoting properties. He Shou Wu and Reishi, for instance, are traditionally used to support healthy aging. Astragalus is known for its potential to protect telomeres, while Goji berries are rich in antioxidants. Combined, these herbs may support cellular health, enhance stress resistance, and promote overall vitality – all key factors in longevity practices.

Is there a specific time of day that's best for taking THE WAY?

The best time to take THE WAY may vary depending on individual needs and responses. Some may prefer taking it in the morning for sustained energy throughout the day, while others might find it beneficial in the evening to support relaxation and recovery.
Is THE WAY suitable for daily, long-term use?
THE WAY is formulated for daily, long-term use. Its balanced blend of herbs is designed to provide cumulative benefits over time, supporting overall health and wellness when used consistently as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How might THE WAY support daily energy levels?

THE WAY contains a blend of herbs traditionally used to support sustained energy without the crash associated with stimulants. Users may experience improved stamina and vitality throughout the day, helping you maintain productivity and focus.

Can this tonic help with stress management?
Yes, THE WAY is formulated with adaptogenic herbs that may help the body better respond to stress. Regular use could potentially improve resilience to both physical and mental stressors, promoting a sense of calm and balance in daily life.

How does THE WAY approach liver health?
THE WAY includes herbs, like Reishi, Goji, and Schizandra, traditionally used to support liver function. A healthy liver is crucial for overall wellness, and users may experience benefits related to detoxification, metabolism, and energy levels.

What's the significance of "prepared" He Shou Wu and Rehmannia?

The preparation process for He Shou Wu and Rehmannia is crucial in traditional herbal medicine. Prepared He Shou Wu is believed to be more nourishing and less harsh on the liver compared to its raw form. Similarly, prepared Rehmannia is considered more warming and beneficial for blood health. These preparation methods aim to enhance the herbs' therapeutic properties while minimizing potential side effects.