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Pro-Androgenic Adaptogenic Formula
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  • Boost strength + testosterone

  • Deep forest Taoist tonic

  • Activate your primal power


I can feel this!
I’ve tried many testosterone enhancers, and I’ve tried many products that claim they can do this. This product on the other hand is powerful and holistic and deep. Congratulations this is an amazing product. Thank you for making this available to us.

Mohammad R.


Robust Yang tonic to awaken your powwer.


Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

For optimizing Hormones + promoting high Testosterone production. This helps promote the renewal of our Primal nature, and turn Men into Men again. This is greatly needed in the world today, and we are here to play our part in this revitalization renaissance.

Herbal Energy Powerhouse

A powerhouse of complete restorative herbal nutrition. This formula is very strengthening, mind elevating, activating, and Yang in nature. It is designed to help tonify kidney Yang energy, which is a driving force for libido.

Support Fertility + Mental Agility

Packed with adaptogenic herbal seeds and rejuvenating tonic herbs that support fertility, healthy hormone production, mental + agility, and helps to flip any weakness into strength.
BEAST: Primal Power Lifeforce Testosterone + Strength
BEAST: Primal Power Lifeforce Testosterone + Strength
BEAST: Primal Power Lifeforce Testosterone + Strength
(100+ rating)
120 capsules / 1 month supply
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How to use

 The ultimate tonic to optimize >>> strength, attitude, stamina + athletic performance.

BEAST is a product specifically formulated to enhance testosterone levels and promote strength and power. 

Packed with natural tonic herb extracts and essential nutrients, this tonic helps you maximize your performance and reach peak states of physical and mental focus. 

This blend is a unique combination of phyto-androgens, adaptogens, botanicals and adaptogenic seeds that help boost testosterone levels, strength and endurance, providing athletes with an edge in performance. 

With no artificial ingredients and no known side effects, BEAST is the perfect way to get the most out of your life!


Morinda root, Polyrachis Black Ant, Pine Pollen, Cordyceps mushroom, Cistanche root, Epimedium leaf, Eucommia bark, Dodder seed, Prep. He Shou Wu (prepared), Astraglus seed, Goji fruit, Ligustrum fruit, Psorelea fruit (prepared), Green Tea Flower Pollen, Nettle root, Jujube date. 

Morinda Root: The root of the Noni tree; a premier Yang jing fortification tonic that generously supports the kidneys and can bring about robust vitality in both men and women.

Polyrhachis Black Ant: A supertonic for both qi + jing and is legendary for for its strengthening effects, and to all aspects of health and longevity. Traditionally it has been used to help enhance stamina, endurance, strength and support robust sexual function. It's known for its naturally high levels of zinc, which can help essential hormone production. 

Pine Pollen: A nutrient dense superfood containing a host vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that nourish the body at a fundamental level. It is traditionally known as a powerful Jing tonic and one of the best elements on Earth to help stimulate testosterone + hormone production. 

Cordyceps mushroom: A powerful energy adaptogen and kidney tonic used by athletes around the world to help promote strength, boost stamina + endurance, and support immune health. It tonifies both yin + yang, so it can be taken daily as a tonic for long periods of time.

Cistanche Root: A black sticky desert plant found in deep wild nature. This powerful Yang Jing herb is traditionally used as a potent sexual tonic and beneficial fertility aid. 

Epimedium Leaf: Also know as, Horny Goat Weed, this classic aphrodisiac tonic is traditionally used to promote sexual health or libido, improve circulation, and help restore energy levels by nourishing kidney yang. 

Eucommia Bark: A very special yang jing athletic herb that comes from natural latex-producing trees in Asia. It supports ligament + joint health, the adrenals, sexual health, and is a overall excellent energy tonic. 

Dodder Seed: A fertility tonic traditionally used for invigorating deficiencies and replenishing kidney essence in order to support healthy sexual + reproductive function. He Shou Wu root (prepared) : The foremost beneficial herb for nourishing and preserving our vital essence. For ages this tonic has been a highly sought after and renowned for potently restoring strength + vigor and a very youthful drive. 

Astragalus Seed: A longevity tonic that is yang in nature. It is used to nourish the liver + brighten the eyes, and supports reproductive health + vitality, in both men and women. 

Tibetan Goji Berry: An instrument of extreme longevity has been used by Taoist monks as a daily tonic for centuries. It is an excellent blood tonic and one of the top herbs for promoting a long, healthy, and happy life. 

Ligustrum Fruit: A yin tonic traditionally used to invigorate and slowly nourish both liver and kidney yin, clearing heat and helping to replenish essence lost with aging.

Psorelea Fruit (prepared) : A tonic believed to have aphrodisiac properties, as it warms the dan tian, and strengthens primordial yang. It is traditionally used to tonify the kidneys, warm the spleen yang, and to provide fat (rich materials) for invigorating the bones and improving bone density. 

Green Tea Pollen: A nutrient dense superfood that can help to nourish + build the body in an incredible way. Tea pollen has some of the same compounds as the green tea leaves and contains bio-active growth hormones, specific anti-aging compounds, minerals, and an absolute abundance of amino acids – more than 5x that of raw dairy or eggs. 

Nettle Root: A pro-androgenic tonic that may help increase levels of available testosterone. It is anti-aromatase and has the unique ability to optimize functions of the endocrine system connected to reproductive health. It is one of the main tonics for supporting prostate health. 

Jujube date: A harmonizing yin tonic herb and vitamin C packed superfood that’s traditionally used to protect the brain + heart, calm the spirit and support the system on a holistic level.

Suggested Use: Take 4 capsules once per day or as desired. 

While primarily formulated for men's frequent use, some women may truly benefit from its adaptogenic properties and this exact formula. However, due to its testosterone-boosting effects, women shouldn't use it daily. Use for specific hormonal balance, physical training, to become more frisky, or if wanting to start a family.

Please use this Androgenic Yang tonic responsibly. You should workout, practice martial arts, play an endurance sport, and/or have a partner in the bedroom to utilize your primal energy and help to activate your highest potential. 

*Not to be used when pregnant or nursing.

Amount per container: 120 capsules 

Servings per bottle: 30 servings (1 month supply)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Keith Mason
Beast is the best

I have been taking your supplement BEAST for about 3 weeks ,ever other day and I can feel my primal energy and strength going on the rise. This supplement really opened my eyes to better workouts and my libido has skyrocketed also.
Great formula.

Nico Sullivan

I’m glad I tried this. It is top notch.

Mohammad Raffi
I can feel this

I’ve tried many testosterone enhancers, and I’ve tried many products that claim they can do this. This product on the other hand is powerful and holistic and deep. Congratulations this is an amazing product. Thank you for making this available to us.

Ryan C

Unlocked the beast in me . My confidence, motivation, libido , delivery in conversation , energy , stamina and strength have drastically increased 14 day into this formula. Mind is clear and i feel balanced . I plan to keep this on deck always

Delivers the Goods!

This one is definitely delivering the energy and at 65 years old I can tell you it works very well. I have a good supply and have made this a daily must have. Thank you Sarn!!


Asked Questions

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What makes BEAST different from other testosterone-boosting supplements?

Unlike many supplements that focus on just several ingredients, BEAST combines a wide array of time-tested tonic herbs with modern adaptogens, creating a synergistic blend that goes beyond simple testosterone boosting. This fusion of traditional wisdom and contemporary science sets it apart from typical supplements.

We source premium, potent forms of each herb to ensure maximum efficacy. BEAST supports energy levels, mental clarity, physical performance + strength, and stress resilience alongside hormonal balance and improving testosterone levels. BEAST is designed to help you feel more vital in all aspects of life.

What exactly does BEAST do for my performance in the gym?

BEAST aims to enhance your strength, endurance, and recovery, potentially helping you push harder and longer during workouts. The testosterone-supporting herbs may help increase your overall strength, allowing you to lift heavier and push harder during your sets. 

Endurance Boost: Adaptogens like Cordyceps can improve your stamina, helping you maintain intensity throughout your workout and potentially add extra reps or sets. 

Mental Focus: BEAST's unique blend aims to sharpen your mental acuity, potentially improving your mind-muscle connection and helping you stay in the zone during intense training sessions. 

Energy Levels: Unlike the short-lived spike from pre-workouts, BEAST is formulated to provide sustained, crash-free energy to fuel your entire gym session. 

Recovery Support: The adaptogenic compounds may help reduce exercise-induced stress on your body, potentially speeding up recovery between sets and workouts.

Hormonal Balance: By supporting optimal testosterone levels, BEAST may help create an anabolic environment conducive to muscle growth and fat loss.

How long does it typically take to feel the effects of BEAST?
Many users report feeling the effects of BEAST almost immediately after taking it. You may notice an increase in energy, focus, and overall vitality within minutes of your first dose. 

This quick onset is likely due to the potent blend of adaptogens and pro-androgenic herbs in the formula. While these initial effects are often noticeable right away, the full spectrum of benefits may continue to develop over time. 

Some of the longer-term effects, such as improved overall strength, sustained high libido, high T and hormonal balance, typically become more pronounced after 1-2 weeks of consistent use. 

It's important to note that individual experiences can vary. Some users might feel dramatic effects immediately, while others may notice a more gradual improvement. Factors like body composition, diet, exercise routine, and overall health can influence how quickly and intensely you feel BEAST's effects.

For optimal results, we recommend using BEAST consistently or as intuitively desired.

Will BEAST help with my libido?

 lauxeMany of the herbs in BEAST are traditionally used to support male vitality and libido.  Its unique blend of pro-androgenic and adaptogenic herbs aims to enhance sexual function, boost energy levels, and promote hormonal balance. 

Key ingredients like Epimedium, Morinda, Cistanche, and Pine Pollen have traditionally been used to support sexual health, while adaptogens such as Cordyceps and Astragalus may help increase stamina and overall sexual energy.

Can BEAST help with post-workout recovery?

This blend of adaptogenic herbs and nutrients is designed to support the body's resilience to physical stress, reduce fatigue and inflammation, which can be beneficial after intense exercise. 

The formula's antioxidant-rich ingredients like Goji fruit and Green Tea Flower Pollen could aid in combating post-exercise inflammation. Additionally, BEAST's pro-androgenic components may support protein synthesis and muscle repair. Ingredients like Pine Pollen and Morinda root have been traditionally used to enhance vitality and stamina, which could contribute to faster recovery times.

By potentially enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting overall vitality, BEAST can drastically help shorten recovery times and improve your body's ability to bounce back after workouts.

Is BEAST safe for long-term use, or should I cycle it?

BEAST is formulated with natural ingredients and adaptogens that are considered safe for long-term use. Many of its herbal components have been used in traditional medicine for centuries without cycling. 

However, as with any supplement, individual responses can vary. 

While cycling isn't strictly necessary, many users prefer to cycle BEAST to maintain its effectiveness and give their bodies periodic breaks from the potent Yang tonics and pro-androgenic herbs. 

Having a Yin side to life is needed at times and is healing.

A common approach is to use it for 2-3 weeks, followed by a 2-4 day break.

Or take it in repeat 2-5 days on, and 1 day off.
Can women use BEAST?
While primarily formulated for men's overall use, some women may truly benefit from its adaptogenic properties and this exact formula. However, due to its testosterone-boosting effects, women shouldn't use it daily. 

*Not to be used when pregnant or nursing.