ELK VELVET ANTLER: Vital Spagyric Elixir Drops


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Elk Antler Velvet is a natural revitalizing tonic traditionally used to maintain and restore joint health, promote energy, and strengthen the body to heightened states of vitality. This nutrient dense primal tonic contains a powerful blend of growth factors that help support building muscles, bones, and nerves. 

As a natural adaptogen, Elk Antler works to correct aspects of the body that have gotten out of balance. Instead of forcing the body to react, it works where the body is already at, supporting the endocrine system, and helping to create equilibrium.

As we age, Elk Velvet can help replenish our body with it's unique array of  essential growth factors + supportive nutrients that support healing and improved recovery.​ It contains hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin in a bioavailable balance — and supports cartilage + tendon health through its 14 rejuvenating epigenetic co-factors; nerve, epidermal, platelet, bone.

Antler Velvet also contains some of our favorite minerals, Selenium and Zinc, which support robust immune health, while helping to lower inflammation and stress on the body.


This Liquid Elixir of Elk Antler Velvet is prepared into a Spagyric solution, which is around 40x as potent as a normal tincture. Spagyrics are alchemical preparations of an herb / herbs made into a much more potent form. By combining the purified salt, oil and alcohol of a substance together it becomes a more complete and spiritual preparation. Essentially it is a full extract, and will always tend to have more powerful effects. In Alchemy there are three things that make up everything: Sulphur (soul), Mercury (spirit) and Salt (body). For an herb, this represents the essential oils / organic acids (soul), alcohol (spirit) and the mineral salts (body) contained in the plant. These mirror the three philosophical aspects in herbal alchemy.

How to Use Spagyrics >>>

This bottle of elixir drops contains up to 90 servings of Elk Antler Velvet, depending on how many times per day and amount you prefer to use of  it. The best way to use a spagyric tincture, is to take the drops directly on your tongue, and allow to settle for a few seconds. Spagyrics are only to be used in a liquid beverage if it is probiotic in nature, like a kombucha for example.

Elk Antler is an ideal choice for the athletic type or anyone seeking more energy, to support joint health + immunity, and develop more personal power. It is a powerful tool that may help boost strength + endurance, prevent stress, promote recovery, and help to balance the body.

What's Inside:

Ingredients: North American Elk Antler Velvet, Elk Antler Velvet Mineral Salts, Distilled Water, Alcohol.

Amount per container: Net Wt. 1 oz (30mL) 

Servings per bottle: 90 servings (1-2 month supply)

Suggested Use: Take up to 10 drops 1-3 times per day or as directed by your natural health practitioner. Use drops directly on tongue or add to any probiotic beverage.

Customer Reviews

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Sean Franey
I love this!

I love the Elk Velvet Antler! I take this along with Ginseng, Shilajit, and The Beast as my daily combo to help keep me alert, focused, and motivated to handle my work. I feel great and definitely helps improve my overall health and mental focus.

Mohamed K.


Todd R.
Prefer this to the pills,

Prefer this to the pills, works great!

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