REVITALIZE is a nutritious blend of black superfoods designed to renew your body. Packed with powerful antioxidants and healthy compounds, it helps to boost energy and promote overall wellbeing. Feel the power of black superfoods to restore your vigor and vitality.

Black foods are the original super foods. They are packed with powerful antioxidant pigments known as anthocyanins, which are what gives off their dark color, and are highly treasured for their deeply revitalizing properties and ability to help nourish Jing essence = our life-force reserve, regenerative ability, what defines our body mass, our energetic capacity, and overall fortitude. Jing is the energy that is fundamental to all life.

  • Supports the body's ability to respond to stress
  • Supports a balanced mood
  • Supports overall energy + immune health

Jing is regenerative essence, what defines the body’s physical mass, and is connected to our genetics. It is our life-force reserve that we attribute from birth and was passed down from our parents & grandparents.

Jing has a direct correlation to having a healthy immune system and healing power. It is also the long term energy, endurance, and constitution of resilience that one has in their life. Jing energy embodies robust health, long-term vitality, youthfulness — happiness, beauty, attractiveness, and fertility. Jing energy is our ability to reproduce and our children’s reproductive potential.

It brings brawniness to the man and bestows beauty upon the woman, as these herbs are used to help strengthen the bones, tonify the kidneys, nourish the reproductive system, and strengthen the adrenals. 

Jing energy relates to proper neurotransmitter production and to having well balanced hormones. Plentiful Jing equals confidence. It also supports mental energy, enthusiasm, and is one of the direct driving forces behind someone having strong willpower. 

So What's Inside? >>>


Organic Black Sesame seed, Organic Forbidden Sprouted Black Rice, Organic Blackberry fruit, Organic Elderberry fruit, Organic Black Maca root, Organic Chaga mushroom fruiting body, Organic Black Fig fruit, Organic Madagascar Vanilla bean, Rehmannia root (prepared), Black Lotus seed, Cistanche root, Dendrobium stem, Licorice root, Lou Han Guo (Monk fruit).

Amount per container:

6oz (170g) precious powder.

Servings per container: 

28 servings (using 1 scoop per serving)

Suggested Use:

DIRECTIONS: Add 1 scoop to 8oz of pure water or any type of elixir drink, mix & enjoy. Use daily and as desired to build up your energy reserves and stay vital! 



Customer Reviews

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Dr. Alan Lazar

I love this product along with so many others from Tonic Treasures. The rich taste stands out in my smoothies and keeps me coming back for more. A unique blend to compliment the day and amplify my energy.. Thank you for continuing to surprise me with new and wonderful products for myself and my patients.

Superior Superfoods

This blend of nourishing superfoods is perfect for those with depleted energy levels. As someone who struggles with adrenal gland weakness, iron deficiency, chronic fatigue, malabsorption, and liver infections, this is the perfect blend to energize and revitalize my body. I notice a difference in my overall energy levels and mood when taking Revitalize, and would highly recommend it for those that need a little boost. Tonic Treasures products are superior in every way and have a high level of purity & efficacy. These tonics have been crafted with the utmost love, care, and attention to detail.

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