The teachings of an ancient health philosophy are as advanced, as they are simple, and can take you on a journey into the deeper understandings of life.

The Three Treasures are three energies that represent the primary components to life; Jing (essence) Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit). These treasures are considered to be what embodies ones health, happiness, and life purpose. They are meant to be nourished, and not wasted. Thankfully, through the art of the ancient health traditions we can truly nurture these treasures on a much deeper level through a series of special herbs. Sacred materials that were associated with only the highest qualities of living. 

The second treasure is known as Qi (chi), and is the flame of metabolism and evolution. It is translated as "the vital energy of the body."

In the classics of Chinese medicine, it is said that “human life depends upon qi” and that “when it disperses, the body dies.” 

Qi is essentially the energy of life. It is animation, action and force. Qi protects, warms, holds, transforms and transports. Qi energy is also our ability to adapt. This is why most all Qi tonics are potent adaptogens. Athletics and martial arts are forms of Qi in movement. The energy we receive from eating and breathing is Qi, which emerges as our day to day vitality — or ATP. Qi flowing freely allows you to feel light and in love with life. A person with strong Qi is most likely very energetic, agile, and almost seems like they’re floating.

As with any other substance in the body, Qi has specific functions that can be controlled. It is the source of where the body energy comes from, it warms the blood and helps the body maintain a normal temperature, it defends the body against pathogens, it transforms elements from food into useful substances in the body, and it helps to hold things in their proper places (for example, it keeps skin cells replicating and maintains blood in the vessels).

Qi is enhanced in the body by going straight to the liver. The liver has over 500 functions in the body, so it's always working hard. But as we age, it slows down, and Qi tonics are traditionally one of the best way help rebuild it. They may help to strengthen the liver back to its youthful power by raising what are called metabolic enzymes, especially glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Qi tonics are also unique in that they have been discovered to be the master regulator of antioxidant gene expression and preserve the structural integrity of mitochondria. This is why Qi tonics are known to help make one more beautiful. Hair, nails, and skin may be enhanced and sleep may become deeper.

The category of “Qi” in the Three Treasures also includes two other vital substances: blood and body fluids. Blood and body fluids are included in the category of qi because they cannot form without the transformative actions of qi energy. This is why elderly people may start to fall apart, as their qi has diminished. Qi is where one would look for boosting immunity and adaptogens for balance.

Qi tonics nourish and fortify the body, immune system, and develop solid muscular strength. There are different forms of Qi know as; Upright Qi and Protective Qi. Both serve a profound purpose in maintaining vital health. When Qi flows freely we are vital and evolve.

Some of the best Qi tonics are Astragalus, Codonopsis, Ginseng, Eleuthero, Rhodiola, Gynostemma, Cordyceps, and all of the various Medicinal Mushrooms. Our FLOW formula is a excellent choice for enhancing the digestion, maintaining upright Qi / posture, building protective Qi / fortifying immune function, and providing balanced energy, 

Raw living foods contain the most Qi, therefore a balanced diet high in biogenic living food will provide the most benefit. Fruit is the highest energetic food on the planet, especially the berries, thus fresh ripe seasonal fruit will offer the most Qi. However, it is important to regulate the cooling factor of a primarily raw food diet; finding a suitable balance between specific foods Yin & Yang nature, and utilizing warming spices and spleen Qi herbs. 

Qi tonics + adaptogens are some of the best — providing abundant energy, strong resilience, and helping us cope with stress. Just remember they’re only one piece to the puzzle, and we fully benefit once we participate in nourishing all Three Treasures.