The teachings of an ancient health philosophy are as advanced, as they are simple, and can take you on a journey into the deeper understandings of life.

The Three Treasures are three energies that represent the primary components to life; Jing (essence) Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit). These treasures are considered to be what embodies ones health, happiness, and life purpose. They are meant to be nourished, and not wasted. Thankfully, through the art of the ancient health traditions we can truly nurture these treasures on a much deeper level through a series of special herbs. Sacred materials that were associated with only the highest qualities of living. 

The third and final treasure is called Shen, and it is commonly referred to as simply spirit. Shén, is the Chinese word for "god", "deity",”divine” or "spirit." 

Shén comes from the first part of 神農, Shénnóng the name of the first person to bring medicinal herbalism to China. Shénnóng, which is translated as "Divine Farmer" was a mythical sage ruler of prehistoric China. Shénnóng has been counted amongst the Three Sovereigns (also known as "Three Kings"), a group of ancient deified kings. This is why Shén is listed among the Three Treasures today. 

Shén being the most vital and important treasure of them all, as it balances them all. 

It is said to be the energy behind consciousness and awareness. Shen relates to the intellect and faculties of the higher mind. When the seat of the soul is anchored, it is seen that Shen manifests as kindness, generosity, and a profoundly loving disposition. Shen is equanimity. A tranquil mind and stable spirit are pure Shen energy. It projects as ravishing radiance, vivacity and celebratory aliveness. Shen lives in our hearts, and is also said to be nourished by the blood — hence purity of the thoughts and of the body must be kept. Shen is also the energy of integrity and abundance. Shen creates leaders! It is the perspective of optimism and long-term positivity. Shen is virtue. It is the lessons we learn in life, the compassion we have and our capacity of forgiveness. 

The energy of Shen is dependent on both prenatal & postnatal Jing. When Jing and Qi are abundant, only then Shena will be nourished. Shen disturbances run rampant throughout the world, and are frequently seen as patterns of stress, anxiety, or agitation. On a more subtle level Shen disturbances can lock individuals in the mind; dictated purely by emotional states, and perpetually drowning in their own “story” of suffering. This can then result in maniacal, ignorant or foolish behavior. 

Shén tonics are a group of herbs, mushrooms or tonics that have a direct effect on the spiritual heart and nervous system balancing Yin and Yang energy in the blood. Though different substances may have a different effect on Shén. In all cases, however, Shén tonics are always known to help ease stress, restore balance, and bring joy to the “Shén,” the energetic part of us which houses our spirit.

Shén as an essential part of the human body required for balance and health.

Calm the Shen. Some the best tonics to nourish and stabilize Shen are: Reishi, Polygala, Red Asparagus, Schizandra, Albizzia, Spirit Poria, Longan, Lions Mane, Jujube and Pearl.

The type of foods that nourish Shen would be all the fruits & berries, all superfoods, and foods in the color spectrum of blues, greens and purple — but we actually must deeply cleanse in order to truly illuminate this energy. The liver, heart and blood must be kept purified in order to fully radiate Shen. Fast until peace is attained. For your mind is a temple and the body a church. Seek serenity. 

Meditation, yoga/taichi/chigong, gardening, forest walking, beach grounding, sun gazing and fire gazing are all potent Shen nourishing activities. Shen is suchness.

Our commitment is to provide each and every one of you the most effective means of nourishing these energies, and through tonic formulations is where the most herbal efficacy occurs. Three Treasures tonics deeply nurture Jing, Qi, and Shen, and provide superior nourishment to the human element in a profound way. 

The Tonic formulas in our collection are considered supreme creations and elixirs of immortality. They each have their own features and function that distinguish their role and effect. Their influences in your life is an alchemical celebration in its finest form.