7 LEAF WILD GYNOSTEMMA: Immunity + Longevity Loose Leaf Tea


Gynostemma is a premium organic tea proven to improve immunity, support longevity, and help maximize health benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant rich tonic herb that can help combat the effects of aging and promote overall wellbeing. Enjoy the natural sweet, earthy flavor and healthful benefits of this seasonal tea.

• Energizing Mood Balance

• Powerful Immune Support

• Elevate Your Inner Spirit

• Promotes a Youthful Glow

Gynostemma is a very special and nourishing tonic herb that enriches the Three Treasures - Jing, Qi, and Shen and promotes a wide range of benefits for the entire body. It’s an excellent overall energy tonic, that can instantly boost your mood and activate your spiritual side.

It has been revered as the “Miracle of Life” for many years throughout Asia, because of it’s profound ability to prolong life. In fact, many people from the Guizo province, where it first originated, have longer lifespans than just about anyone else in the entire world.

It does this mainly through the many saponins found within it’s microbiological DNA = which are the crucial component in it’s wonders of longevity, and support keeping all systems in balance.


Organic Seven Leaves Wild Gynostemma Tea

Amount per container:

3.5oz (100g) loose leaf tea

Servings per container: 

20 full servings (of multiple infusions)

Suggested Use:

Use 1 tsp (5g) of gynostemma leaf per 4oz cup. Boil pure water to about 200º F and infuse the leaves for about 3-4 mins. You may try shorter infusion times, with multiple infusions of the same leaf. Each infusion will have it's own special qualities and varying unique tastes + aromas.

Our sweet variety of jaiogulan will only taste bitter in the case of over-brewing. Over-brewing is the result of either too much dried leaf being used, too long of brewing time, or water temperature simply being too high.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan C

Great Gynostemma, beautiful leaves my favorite Gynostemma I have tried yet . Nice strong cup truly sets my mind right , energizing and strongly adaptogenic . Calming and stress relieving at the same time . My eyes and skin look great when I have had my morning Gynostemma for a few days in a row . Replenishes lost energy after long work days

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